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  1. Anyone without an IR spot still holding?
  2. If you're not at the bottom of the rankings then I'd stay put. But I wouldn't hold it against you if you decide to move him for Tobias and OG, who are both playing great so far this season. Tobias has been consistent offensively on good % and low TOs. On the other hand, OG has been a menace on defense and can singlehandedly win you the STL category. So good luck on your decision. Cheers 😎
  3. Rui is good for pts, a few rebs and good %. I'd rank them as such: Joe Buckets (he has a clear role therefore consistent minutes and touches) Davis Bertans (listed as PF/C but is just a catch and shoot guy) Rui (just came back so kinda hard to gauge his role moving forward) Thanks for answering mine.
  4. I'm on a punt TO and BLKs strategy, since it's an h2h 9cat 1-win league. Right now I only have two Cs, jamychal and lauri. And that's the reason why I'm struggling on Rebs.
  5. I'd take the Garland/Capela side as I'm not quite sold with Boogie just yet. I think he'll go back to his sixth man role once CWood is back. Help in mine?
  6. Derrick White has the higher upside between so I'd do it if I were you. Help in mine?
  7. Your team looks well rounded as is. But if you really have to stream given it's a rather shallow league and you set up lineups daily, then Lamb is the drop. Thanks for answering in mine.
  8. Garland has the higher upside between the two so I'd rather have him. Thanks for answering mine.
  9. Thanks for answering in mine. Both are fair and sensible trades but if I were you I'd hold on to Booker for a while more before deciding.
  10. I'd cut Anderson first, then Vanderbilt. Then pick up Garland right away. Let Derrick White sit on IL and let him find his groove first before dropping Coby. Help in mine?
  11. Kinda hard to gauge their value right now since both players only got back recently. Might need more games to get some trade appeal. Help in mine?
  12. Not an even trade, Capela and Wall wins. Help in mine?
  13. As a Reddish owner, wouldn't have used a claimer on him. He's a 3s-pts-and-stls guy and you can definitely get a similar player from the wire without using a #1 waiver. Help in mine?
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