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  1. So he is a drop with Bamba also making noise?
  2. Don’t Think he Will play b2b this season. Groin is a tricky injury (depends how bad it is) and they don’t NEED him to play this year
  3. Bye Bye Beasley - Hello McFeastin’ 😍 Let’s go! 🚀🚀🚀
  4. Time to get him again? Have a hard choice between him and Diallo. anybody watching the Spurs and could tell if he has found his maximum groove??
  5. Newly-acquired Wendell Carter Jr., R.J. Hampton and Otto Porter Jr. are available to play Sunday, according to a team official let’s go!!!
  6. So i'm in a 9 cat - H2H - 10 team league I managed to grab WCJ off the WW yesterday at the deadline, but when I look at my roster afterwards I feel like I'm a bit to BIG and I need to get more balanced or maybe just at another kind of big? So would you drop either Moses or Wendell Carter Jr. for any of these guys: Gary Trent Jr. Okeke Aldridge (if he goes to Miami or Lakers) Whiteside (if goes to Lakers) Plumlee Barrett Kuzma Diallo Derrick White My roster: PG: D. Murray, Lonzo SG: Hayward, Levert, Beasley SF: Middleton, Kevin Porter Jr. PF: ZION
  7. Justin og Thad for sure. Justin at 1 for me
  8. I would take Mitch and Randle because of Nurk being back and Thibs going crazy with minutes to the NY stars = good for stats!
  9. Bam is just going to get better and better (covers more cats than Randle). I would def. take him. Seems like Randle is at his peak right now (even though he is also quite young) and would be interesting to see if he can do the same if there were 1-2 other stars on that NY roster. I don't think so.
  10. 9 cat - H2H - 10 team who has the highest upside ROS? Or would I be better of streaming that spot?
  11. Oh I really love that pretty boy 😍😍😍 KPJ is ready for take off!!!
  12. WCJ, Aldridge (if he lands in Miami), Gary Trent A flier: OPJ
  13. So Moses over Aldridge still after the deadline?? (If he lands in Miami)
  14. Bad news for Moses Brown with Bradley in town?? :S
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