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  1. So is this the end of the ride? Aldridge could be back after those 4 PPD games. Or do you guys think Poeltl will keep the starting job?? Those stocks are sweeter than candyfloss
  2. That’s the definition of a VETO trade right there....
  3. Will he or Bay benefit the most with Blake out of town you Think?
  4. You won’t Think he Will fare Well in Toronto??
  5. Only for 14 teamers or also smaller leagues? It’s not like he has been crazy 9 cat guy since the D-Rose trade
  6. Even though i’m close in 3’s and assists and Josh Jackson plays tomorrow where I have a full schedule??? So he would be in my bench could get Ingles + mcconnell for tonight instead = good assists jackson would probably be picked up by another GM then... but is he a ROS hold in a 10 teamer???
  7. So I can’t find out if I Will have more value by using Josh Jackson’s spot as a stream or just stay put? I’m short one game for the week and very close in 3’s & assists, so Ingles would be a nice add for tonight since I got full slate tomorrow (so Josh would be on my bench tomorrow anyways) 10 teams, 9 cat, H2H (weekly matchup with daily roster change possibility) My roster: PG: LaMelo, Murray, TJ McConnell SG: Lonzo, Hayward SF: Middleton, Josh Jackson PF: ZION, Anthony Davis, Horford Center: Ayton, Gobert, Jokic IR: Nurkic
  8. This dude ❤️ PERFECT stream for assists/steals in a 10 teamer...
  9. I actually thought it was higher. There was a strech 2 years ago when he was killin’ it ✨
  10. What rank did he have in Min? It was quite High pr game basis right??
  11. Zeller for me if you keep Poeltl (and I think Poeltl has higher upside until we find out what timeframe Aldridge is going to have). And Jackson would be my number 1. I think Killian Hayes would mess a bit with Delon Wright when he comes back
  12. Would you do this trade (if you look at my roster). Lonzo + Lamelo = Drummond Would probably get someone like Bledsoe, Bogdanovic (Atlanta) or something like that. 10 teamers has a lot of possibilities. Or is it too much for Drummond and I don't need him? Just think he is going to be a monster if he lands with Raptors or something like that and would secure me FG%, REB, BLOCKS, TO's and then just stream assists/steals/3's/points depending on matchup? 10 teams, 9 cat, H2H (weekly matchup with daily roster change possibility) My roster: PG: LaMelo, Murray SG: Lonz
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