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  1. Yeah trae for me as well, especially considering your punts.
  2. Don't know your league settings. I play 9cath roto and would not even remotely consider trading my butler for any of those guys. You can try (Clarke and Levert I suppose) but I strongly doubt you'll be able to pull this off lol.
  3. Run man! I pounced on Wood and am not looking back.
  4. Drafted him and kyrie and this entire season has been 1 big dissapointement. Guess I learned my lesson lol.
  5. Never drafting this guy again. Let's just hope mri is negative and he can return post ASB.
  6. Maybe not vetoable, but pretty massively lobsided. Should be an instant accept imo.
  7. Yeah man, i just hopped of the Sekou train myself. I like Garlands outlook ROS.
  8. Im not a Huerter fan and you need a PF/C. I would do it. Just dont get your hopes up too much. Curry is aiming to be back early March and I predict a bit of a draymond comeback when that happens. Not prime Draymonf ofc, and still plenty or rest days, but possible top50 production. Thats what i hope anyway, as a Draymond owner lol.
  9. I have him, and wont be drafting him again...ever. If you can get him for a top50 guy Id go for it (but that probably wont happen), otherwise i would stay away.
  10. As an Oubre Owner, I wouldnt even remotely consider this. Have to add though, I dont like doing 1 for 2 trades in general and also dont know the exact values in 8cath leagues.
  11. Im out, cant handle these type of games anymore.
  12. Teague has been horrible all season long and it won't improve in Atlanta. Garland has upside and is already playing better at the moment, regardless of a few duds here and there. Easy choice imo, get Garland.
  13. Normally I'd say go for it, but you are already first. Why change a winning team?
  14. I def prefer the Hardens side, but wouldnt call it league breaking, just pretty lobsided.
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