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  1. Calling a run outside on 2nd and long is BOB's bread and butter.
  2. Has anyone seen the rumors of ertz getting sent to Jacksonville as a part of a package for Ramsey? Could be inactive tonight if true.
  3. Probably this. Right up until he blows up again.
  4. Texans O-Line play. Mark Ingram usage. Montgomery v Cohen.
  5. hogan + gostkowski to outscore drake by 14. Should be close but I doubt I get it.
  6. liriano will be coming out of the pen. Picked up fisher this morning, turned out to be a solid move.
  7. AJ said no on last nights broadcast. Said it's an added stress to the bullpen.
  8. Strong outing last night. 7 innings, 0 er, 3 hits, 9 ks.
  9. I watched the game. He stole third, and the run was scored as a fielders choice on the throw to first.
  10. If you spot start him, then why start him against the astros?
  11. The pitching numbers are more likely to regress than the bats.... They are in the top 2/3 of every pitching category as a team across the league and thats playing half their games in a hitters park.
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