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  1. Lindsay died, there goes Hinton's competiton Edit: probably bad for Hinton since it means he has more chances to throw ints lol
  2. We got a yard. Slowly clawing our way back to 0! Let's get it boys!
  3. Hinton bleeding my wr pts dry. I only have myself to blame lol
  4. At least he wasn't ridiculous enough to say generational lol
  5. Exactly. Generational talent is a rare freakshow with sky high upside you may never see again in at least a decade or two, maybe even ever. Calvin Johnson and what not are generational talents. There's at least one or two kupps every draft class.
  6. Take one for the team and drop him for us to end your jinx curse.
  7. This was the best he's looked in a while now. Was patient hitting the holes and had good vision. Could've been a monster game, as he had a chance at two goal line carries on separate drives.
  8. My gut was go with the checkmark guy, but sometimes they idiots too. The worst was when La canfora said he was watching Peyton manning throw balls to the dolphins receivers and looking as sharp as ever, only to have Peyton have a presser in Denver and sign like a minute later.
  9. You can do it. I bench N'keal Harry all the time, it's not that hard
  10. Stafford is tough af he played with it and still did solid, so there's a real good chance he still plays. Come on Kenny we all need you buddy.
  11. I'm still shook over the wide open AB td bomb that Tom missed
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