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  1. Watched this guy for first time really this weekend. Never owned him before. He just gets buckets.
  2. How did we get to this place where every blurb states whether a player should be owned? Just scrolling down My News feature from tonight alone... Tyler Johnson "He should be owned in all leagues." Khris Middleton "He should absolutely be owned in all standard leagues" TJ Warren "Warren is worth owning in all standard leagues again" Oh and in case you needed to know, Robert Covington, the #1 (!) ranked player in 9-cat leagues over the past 14 days, "is a must start player".
  3. This is what I'm talking about: Sat, Jan 14 Robert Covington scored seven points with four rebounds, one assist and one 3-pointer in 22 minutes against the Wizards on Saturday. Advice: He did take a shot from Markieff Morris in this game and was in some pain, but he was able to stay in the game. Covington's minutes have been fine and he should remain owned in standard leagues. He "should remain owned"?? The guy is a top 85 value on the season in 9-cat and he's sitting on a top 60 last two weeks. He was top 65 each of the past two seasons. In the shallowest o
  4. BTW can we talk about RW "chat consistency" in this thread? Does anybody read or participate in these weekly chats? Knaus legit copies and pastes his blurbs to about 20% of the questions he picks to answer.
  5. This is kind of an aside but I don't get why this community is so critical of his touting of KOQ. This season KOQ has per-36 numbers that would equate to 3rd round value. It makes sense to be on a guy who can do that. And not to burst into Bruski defense here, but the guy was screaming for Isaiah Thomas for like 4 years and now Thomas is an All Star putting up 1st/2nd round value recently.
  6. Yes, that's fair. I used to do that regularly until my league went with a FAAB waiver system with max 3 adds per week. It's still a cop-out though I believe. They also overuse phrases such as "makes sense" and "if you need a Center" But similar to what you said, I read it as "this guy isn't amazing but if you are hurting at that position, he holds slightly more value" They just do not take a definitive stance on anything basically since Bruski left. Actually, when you think about it, they basically booted this guy because he held definitive positions and
  7. Recently for me its been the constant hedging that has stuck in my craw. pick him up if you have dead weight Well yea, if I had that on my roster I wouldn't be a competitive owner now, would I? I'm never deciding between "dead weight" and a speculative or hot pickup. I'm deciding between guys with reasonable value/upside on my roster and guys with reasonable value/upside on the WW. How easy it is to pronounce "pick this guy up if hes better than another guy on your team". Thanks RW. Disclaimer: Yes I know not to look to RW for advice but the si
  8. I understand the role of the blurbs, but it is very difficult for my simple human eyes not to dart to the bright blue text just below the news tidbit I came to see.
  9. This is what I meant above BTW: Last night, on Myles Turner: Turner has impressive upside as a shot-blocker and rebounder, but he's only worth a speculative stash if you have some dead weight on your roster. And on Jerami Grant: He's certainly someone to watch, but he's not a pickup after this one unless you have dead weight. "Dead weight" line in both of them. Not only is the recycled phrasing annoying but the "take" is less than luke warm.
  10. The shocking thing about the apps is that there is no mechanism for reading the articles. correct me if i missed this, but that would seem essential that they have the Featured Articles easily accessible from the app. And they haven't fixed the links to the news sources to be live yet either, which is frustrating when you want to go to the source or check out a video highlight
  11. the phrasing has got to be the worst part. every take has the same phrasing, like they all got together to use "fully expected to ___" tired of seeing these passive phrases on all their rec's like "there's no reason not to add him" or it "makes sense" to pick someone up, or just simply regurgitating the value corresponding with that nights' performance, such as when a guy gets 20 minutes and the blurb says "he should see minutes in the mid-20s going forward"
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