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  1. Since it’s for dynasty purposes, would it make more sense to keep someone younger like Javier or Gimenez, as opposed to guys like Gonsolin and Dunning who are already 26?
  2. So we’re all in agreement it’s Mondesi and Gonsolin?
  3. Grisham is really difficult to ignore for round 26, great value! Keep Mondesi instead of Yu in round 6 like some others have suggested too. Also, Wander in round 8 is such an early round for him to be kept. Especially if he’s not going to start the season in the majors. So maybe consider keeping Conforto in that slot instead.
  4. Thanks! I can only keep one from that long list so I assume you prefer Tony over Bobby? Eventually Gonsolin should get a full time shot as a starter, right? If not with the Dodgers then somewhere else?
  5. Could use some help determining my keepers and am more than happy to help others in return. So here’s what I’m debating for my 16 team 6x6 H2H league: Keep Mondesi in Round 3 or Conforto in Round 5? And then which of the following should I keep as my last round keeper (from the following players I picked up during the season): Tony Gonsolin (Dodgers SP), Cristian Javier (Astros SP), Dane Dunning (Rangers SP), Greg Holland (Royals SP), Stefan Crichton (Diamondbacks RP), Drew Smyly (Braves SP), Andres Gimenez (Indians INF), Raimel Tapia (Rockies OF), Bobby Dalbec (Red Sox 3B), Nat
  6. Need 18 points combined from Josh Allen and Tyler Bass. You’d think that wouldn’t be too much too expect, but I’m not feeling that confident. What do you all think?
  7. Last call for help! Happy I benched Bowden but still need to decide between the other options. Leaning still toward Woods, Moore, Gage as my 3 WR and Gio at Flex. But still considering my other options so feel free to share your thoughts. Good luck in your championships all!
  8. So Julio has been ruled out for this week. That makes Gage the more appealing option than Claypool, Bowden or my other bench options, right? Didn’t hurt having Kamara in my lineup already. Just gotta make solid choices with my WR’s and FLEX and I’ll be in good shape. Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  9. Looks like a consensus aside from the one random Bowden recommendation. Here’s hoping Julio sits so Gage can go off again. Answered all your questions, thanks so much!
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