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  1. Interesting because I’d have to pick up Gage off the wire....nobody else even wanted him
  2. Pick TWO WR for PPR: C. Claypool @ CIN (Monday night) L. Bowden, Jr. vs NE C. Hansen @ IND J. Meyers @ MIA R. Gage vs TB Already got Woods going but need help choosing 2 more. And dont forget to leave a link!
  3. Need to pick the right DEF for my semifinal, pick one and tell me why! Then leave a link to your lineup question so I can help you. Chicago Bears (@ MIN) New England Patriots (@ MIA) Tennessee Titans (vs. DET, with Stafford likely starting)
  4. Stud. [...] He really came through for his owners here.
  5. Yeah if you’re benching him, you should share who you’re starting instead
  6. Hunt for me as well. Thanks for helping with mine.
  7. Probably not starting him but not like my other options are that much better (Bowden, Hansen, Meyers)
  8. Thank you. Unfortunately Davis plays on Saturday so I won't be able to wait and see about Miami's starters. Some of them did return to practice today though.
  9. Bump for those I replied to and haven’t helped yet lol
  10. Higgins should get plenty of targets and that’s what you want when choosing help me?
  11. Leaning Cook with Thomas out now and Brees back. Help me with mine?
  12. CEH for sure! Mine if you don’t mind helping:
  13. Still seeking lineup input and will always reply back to your lineup questions!
  14. If I had Wilson rostered I’d be starting him
  15. Replied to all lineup questions above. So I’m really nervous about starting Moore this week. Trying to convince myself not to bench him in favor of one of my other options. Would anyone rank Moore below *both* Hansen and Bowden this week? And where would you rank Gabriel Davis among this group? PPR with a 100 yard bonus.
  16. If Allen is playing you gotta start him. If not, I’d lean Hansen.
  17. Had a bye last week so now I’ve got difficult decisions to make, especially with DJ Moore back! Need to pick 3 of the following to start for a PPR league: DJ Moore @ GB Chase Claypool @ CIN Gabriel Davis @ DEN Chad Hansen @ IND Lynn Bowden Jr. vs NE Jakobi Meyers @ MIA Already have Robert Woods in as WR1 so one of the above is going in my FLEX over RB options like Jamaal Williams, Phillip Lindsay and Latavius Murray. And I’m hopeful Woods returns to practice today. Wish I had better options at WR but this is what I’ve got after some WW pickups this week. Plea
  18. Safe to insert into this week’s lineup?
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