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  1. Probably should've sat him today (facing Stroman too) but needed some K's. He was pitching ok until getting into trouble with 2 outs in the 3rd. Walked the bases loaded and served up a grand slam to Morales.
  2. Not in the lineup tonight against the lefty Moore
  3. Was considering dropping soon but I'll take a leadoff homer tonight to calm my trigger finger
  4. Rays website now has him listed as Thursday's starter
  5. For what it's worth, Yahoo fantasy has a starting notation for him on Thursday, April 6th vs. TOR
  6. They're probably concerned about a possible lisfranc ligament tear and need a specialist to assess it
  7. Fearing for the worst, hoping for the best
  8. Good thing I have a bye this week. Would really need his production. Hope he doesn't rest too much next week!
  9. Wow just put the team on his back here at the end of the 4th quarter
  10. Got to hold him (or pick him up) at this point now
  11. He's been sidelined with a rib injury http://www.metro.us/philadelphia/phillies-prospect-watch-nick-williams-j-p-crawford-mired-in-slumps/zsJphn---qNjwvg2L8qunU/
  12. Anyone hearing that a call up is imminent with Blanco landing on the DL?
  13. How's he been performing at AAA?
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