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  1. Played an long segment of the game with only one shoe! Anyone else catch that? Praise be.
  2. Edit: He was just ruled out for tonight Playing tonight?
  3. Should be back this weekend according to Coach Nurse
  4. Oh baby! 35+ min, stocks, great percentages, double-double...is this his floor or ceiling? edit: almost forgot, ZERO TO
  5. Sure demonstrates how great Dalvin Cook truly is and how much the Vikings miss him.
  6. I need CJ Ham and Ameer Abdullah to both get injured apparently.
  7. This is why you hold a player until the trade deadline, hoping he lands himself a better situation. Glad I listened to others’ advice and held onto him while he toiled in obscurity in MIA.
  8. I think he’ll produce tonight! KC is great against the pass tho, hopefully he’ll benefit from the slot and Mitch chucking away all night.
  9. Who are you guys benching in favor of Boone? Wanna get on the choo-choo ride with you all but am skeered.
  10. Gonna be up around 30 points with either Miller or Boone still left as my flex and Bailey on MNF. Opponent still has Kelce, ARob and Butker. Wish I could decide between Miller or Boone!
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