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  1. Nice drive here by SEA, Carson and Wilson both looking strong against a weak ARI defense
  2. Here we go, hoping for big days from Wilson, Carson and Drake!
  3. Need to decide ASAP between one of the following in a full point PPR: Mike Boone vs GB on MNF Kenyan Drake @ SEA DeAndre Washington @ LAC Help! Will answer your late game questions too, leave a link
  4. I’m worried about the offensive line issues too. And in the same predicament. Probably taking my chances and rolling with the upside of Boone.
  5. Perriman and Miller in full point PPR. Good luck!
  6. Chance of showers, winds about 10-15 mph. Nothing to be too concerned about.
  7. Thanks again to all, pretty sure I replied to everyone’s lineup questions. Think I’m keeping my lineup as posted at the top, other than swapping in Mostert for DeAndre. At least by picking up Boone I blocked my opponent who needed him for Cook/Mattison insurance.
  8. I’d go with Miller. Thanks for helping with mine.
  9. Thanks all for your input! I answered everyone's questions they linked too. I swapped Mostert in for DeAndre. Gonna try and get Boone in there, maybe in place of Drake. I really love Fuller and hate benching him in this matchup. Decisions, decisions.
  10. Boone but if you're nervous about waiting on him then Terry!
  11. Perriman, ARob and Boone (assuming Cook and Mattison are out)
  12. Thanks for helping with mine. I would start Terry over Woods! And just like mine, I need to decide between DeAndre, Mostert and Boone and I can't say for sure until we know more status on Cook/Mattison.
  13. Thanks all. I’m nervous waiting on Monday for Boone with no other options. But it’s definitely a smash spot.
  14. Thanks for helping with mine after I helped with yours! Good luck to you too!
  15. Assuming Cook and Mattison are ruled out (or don't practice Saturday), would you feel comfortable starting Mike Boone vs GB in a PPR over all of these, some or none: DeAndre Washington @ Chargers Raheem Mostert vs LAR Adrian Peterson vs NYG
  16. I'd play Miller over Singletary, but the guaranteed touches with the RB have me thinking keep things as is.
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