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  1. I meant to say Tampa selects Onwuzurike. Oy
  2. Bruce Arians & Tom Brady may have both wanted a down & distance RB. Now they have that player (Gio Bernard). The Bucs have re-signed DL Steve McLendon, but like Suh & Pierre-Paul, he's an older player. Of the remaining edge rushers, I wanted some other dimension to their game. If they don't possess the functional strength to stack & set the edge, then they better be able to cover! Twitchy, rotational edge speed can be found later. Given the unit, I like DT Levi Onwuzurike. Not an ideal scheme fit but fronts aren't in base personnel very often. Possesses traits that all
  3. Yeah, I too would prefer to work the same teams that I am, Tampa & SF.
  4. Let's agree to debate the importance of being in the right play, not how any given team manages to be. You could argue & I would agree that in most games one team isn't in the right play all that much more than their opponent. Thus, the outcome often comes down to execution. However, it's beyond any doubt that once the situation is known & the offense per say, one dimensional, the effectiveness of the defense improves dramatically. It's what decided the AFC championship game & the Super Bowl.
  5. I know what I witnessed & it wasn't on just one side of the ball. Even on offense, it wasn't like Brady audibled out of every play. Perhaps you could post a play you like?
  6. For me, what was profoundly clear throughout New England's dynasty years wasn't that they were more talented but more often than not, the team that was in the right play! Knowing your opponent & reading what you're seeing, both pre & post-snap, is gold.
  7. Due to a rash of injuries everywhere the 'niners went from one of the more dominant run offenses to somewhere back in the pack. Play-action proved yet again to be critical to Shanahan's offense. Daniel Brunskill struggled at OG & was moved inside to hike the thing. His replacements struggled as did Mike McGlinchey at RT. The team has signed or resigned a lot of players on the defensive side, especially in the back. So I believe the focus needs to be about retooling that OL. They've brought in Alex Mack to play C & resigned Trent Williams, two keys guys very familiar with Shanaha
  8. @Boudewijn I don't know about anyone else but I'd be able choose a bit faster just working the same two teams (Tampa & SF).
  9. Finding an obvious weakness for a team that really hit their stride down the stretch isn't easy. But with Suh & Pierre-Paul both well beyond the age of 30, their better days are behind them. Wake Forest's Boogie Basham isn't an elite edge rusher & he does have some bad tape, but there are a lot of tools & versatility in the box for Todd Bowles to exploit. Bucs select DE Carlos Basham
  10. it's all good brother, I didn't go back either & misunderstood the construction of the list. While I question whether Jones possesses the tools to have an impact early, that the 'niners are going to take him 3rd overall justifies your selection of him at 15. That said, that's them & if their plan comes to fruition, there's a lot to suggest they'll be prepared to move Garoppolo. You'll recall, the Patriots didn't get rid of Garoppolo, Tom Brady did. New England was prepared to pay him starter money to be the backup. I think this trade could occur on draft day, but more so afterwar
  11. Is anyone selecting for Tampa, if mot I'll take 'em.
  12. I came on late and offered to assume choosing for the Patriots when I didn't see that Beotos already had. However, due to recent reports he's convinced that the 'niners will draft Mac Jones. If that happens or you find it a reasonable assumption & your own board would otherwise suggest the top 5 QBs are already gone, your remaining choices are guys you should be able to land later.
  13. I'll pick for New England unless someone else wants to. If we can accept trade offers I'd be interested in what may be available. Otherwise, I wonder whether Boogie Basham jr would available closer to the turn? Regardless, I'll take him.
  14. I don't watch college football either but I can tell you this... the $hI+ I make up... it's all true!!! lol The Patriots are NOT taking the 5th guy at any position with the 15th overall selection. Mac Jones has all of 17 starts at the collegiate level. That with elite talent all around him & a lot of pre-determined reads. He possesses no ability to extend plays, so we're talking some level of a game-manager. I like them to consider an X or Z slot WR, Terrace Marshall jr here, but I also like Rashod Bateman & Seth Williams in subsequent rounds. DL Boogie Bashman has the relentles
  15. If where fantasypros has Samuel ranked is any indication, I think he's an interesting prospect. McKissic, the limited times I watched them, his ball skills were lacking. Barber, Miller, they're early-down subs. They could run Samuel on the vertical stuff but more likely he's utilized just the same as he was in Carolina, as a RB/WR. Should he be designated that in fantasy leagues, he'll also afford owners some unexpected versatility. He's back there with Deebo Samuel & Logan Thomas, so perhaps they're more appealing but I think he replaces McKissic & averages close to 10 touches a game
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