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  1. Could be right & to add is any defensive blueprint that cheats to contain Allen and smother Diggs. Again, the problem I think that group has is that they're not built to beat a defense that's teeing off to pressure the QB & dropping numbers. A key attribute of smaller, shifty, quicker WRs is their ability to separate instantly. But when the defense is dropping numbers & flooding the short zone, where are they separating to, exactly? Yeah, into the quadrant of another defender, so everything becomes contested. RB & TE could also be areas the team addresses, but they're not
  2. If you're right that would tend to speak more to the organization's level of confidence. If they didn't have to go fish around for a guy, that they chose Wentz over Rivers, that says more not less.
  3. I agree with Brian here. While Curtis Samuel's explosiveness, a top prospect at RB & Hunter Henry will all add a key element to the teams they end up on, I don't think it's the Bills. This isn't a run, throw to the TE off run action type offense. Although I do agree adding these features would take this team to the next level. But even there, rolling with better value perhaps in a Jonnu Smith or O.J. Howard. After a splash & injury, Knox carved out a nice role down the stretch. At WR they love Gabriel Davis, but he's the only one they have with legit featured WR size. If a deep ba
  4. Very convincing and you're probably right. I don't have the tape of that game, I wish I did, but reviewing Hill's performance I still have it the same. You cite the adjustment Tampa made but the safeties never factored. Woefully late every single time, those guys were auditioning to play centerfield for the Yankees or some $h!+. Mahomes could've passed for 600 yards if he wanted to. Again, Carlton Davis didn't utilize the length & strength advantage he has over Hill. He was up there a number of times, but he never attempted to jam or reroute Hill. Davis is put together to take on a ho
  5. The Bucs certainly didn't the last time. But the DB played way off & Bowles didn't get him any help. The advantage that DB has over a WR like Hill is in the first 5 yards, that's where he's allowed to get physical and jam Hill. Reroute him to the perimeter, disrupt the timing & as best he can, contest receptions in the short zone. It is not a problem that he ends up in a trail position on routes that go vertical, so long as he has the help he needs! Kelce is another weapon the Bucs have to force to make contested catches. You can't do the same thing every play, but find ways to m
  6. I'm always high on teams that add and .. count me in! Love the changes they've made & that windfall, yeah! Not so much their journeyman QB, and for as long as Goff is the here & now bridge guy they wheel out there, I don't know. But depending upon their draft, this organization could become a football team sooner than expected. What was said elsewhere regarding Golladay not returning makes a lot of sense, which will yield a high compensatory pick. I like Dan Campbell & I like his chances. in keeper leagues, Swift is likely to be off your board. In redraft, again, depending on
  7. I want to say that I read where Stafford & the organization both felt a change would benefit both sides, perhaps it will. But the part about, oh, the poor child had no complement run game.... could be wrong, but to me, he's not one of them. There's a "discard here" bin loaded with Dan Marino pass-happy, go nowhere, clones! A lot of these guys want to win, as much as anyone, but.... they have to be the reason why or forget it. It's been that way for a long time. I remember when Michael Jordan thought he was a baseball player & of course, the Bulls were not the same team w/o him. Th
  8. Some time back this was part of the reasoning for Brees getting done. Makes no sense to bring him back. It's also hard to buy into believing there aren't enough players around him. We're all aware that at one point, over the last several seasons they were 8-0 w/o him. I'd draft a guy & roll with Winston, but I suspect it will be Hill. Thomas is apt to be discounted a bit, so he could be a value where you get him. With Hill I think it's Kamara who I'd likely pass on.
  9. I didn't assume that what the Bills did last week is what they do every week. The fact is, they choose to be one-dimensional even when the situation favors running the ball more & yesterday was simply further proof of it! Statistically it may bear out that the Bills have greater success passing, but personnel wise, they are NOT built to do what they attempted yesterday. Their TE (Knox) does have some ability but he isn't an elite receiving TE. Cole Beasley, John Brown, KC consistently dropping 7 into coverage, those guys aren't meant to win contested 50/50s. Get that out of here! Even Digg
  10. Dude, you need to do some research once in a while, ... as I just have. Fact, the Bills averaged half (.5) a carry more than KC per game!!! Tampa ran the football even less so... I don't know how I got into this corner of such ineptitude, but you or someone had to have said something, somewhere at some point... lol
  11. I don't like him this week, but I'm hopeful he'll meet the challenge. To me, he doesn't have the supporting cast around him like Brady, Rodgers & Mahomes do. Those offenses are also committed to balance, whereas the Bills exhibit little to none. Allen did miss on a couple of opportunities last week, but he did get John Brown more involved. But that they've activated Kenny Stills is concerning. On the one drive they scored a TD, Singletary probably got half of his touches. They choose to be one-dimensional & I think this is the week it costs them. Seems they could stand to run more base
  12. I've read that he was an unexpected add, so perhaps he'll still be a go. I think the Bucs are better in the back than the considered evidence would suggest. Completions, comp. % & yards allowed thru there air, all rock bottom or thereabouts. Above, it was added that they give up a lot of chunk plays. But consider that the Bucs rank high in positive game script & TOP! Check where they rank in sacks, INTs & most importantly, points allowed. I like the Bucs, but if they $h!+ ice cubes & shiver to death, the deal is off.
  13. Perhaps you've read it too, there was a recent article about championship rematches from the regular season throughout the super bowl era. On 10 occasions teams that beat a team by 20 or more points during the regular season have faced off in conference championships. In those games, the team that won by 20 or more have won the rematch nine times! Conversely, southern based teams heading into the tundra or other cold weather sites haven't fared all that well. But hopefully it's not turning blue cold. I like Tampa. The NFL Network ran back the earlier match between the Chiefs & Bills, Buff
  14. No idea, but here's my Tampa checklist: 1.) I've complained about their run scheme but they have to be just as effective running the football as they were last week. Given that Green Bay has struggled to defend the run & balance is key to Brady's effectiveness. 2.) Loved Todd Bowles in Washington & he did well in New York, he definitely should be someone's HC! His group certainly got the better of Rodgers & Co. the last time. The Packers were missing Allen Lazard for that game. A successful downfield strike to him, early on, could really factor big. There's no doubt Gre
  15. I understand the point that you make, that the rule is inconsistent. I did find that they haven't addressed it because it doesn't occur very often. Sometimes it's worth considering what may arise in changing a rule. This circumstance occurs primarily because the ball-carrier's momentum carries him toward the pylon & the boundary. Remove the risk of extending the ball out away from the body & we would likely see a lot more of it. What may come with that are a lot more replay challenges. If the obscure, crummy rule yields a smoother game flow, I don't care about the rule.
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