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  1. Yeah for as cheap as he was in daily it was just so tempting. At least pats D is saving me
  2. No work at all for burkhead this game? He is active right? Using him in daily and thought he might sneak in a td or something
  3. Good way for gates to go out. He really should retire though as long as Henry doesn’t have any issues
  4. wonder if now the chiefs pick him up. might not be enough time though since they play thursday. How can a player who seems decent keep getting cut i wonder.
  5. Decent wr2 is his floor but he can absolutely win you a week with his big play potential either after the catch or on a deep route that dak can hit. He’s like a Tyreek Hill before Mahomes
  6. As long as lamar is the starter which it looks like he will be this week, I'm rolling with gus as an rb2 even in ppr. Montgomery is a COP back and Gus thoroughly outperformed collins. Sometimes you see coaches stick with the high draft pick or high paid player but collins is neither of those (to be fair neither is gus but this way he gets a fair shake)
  7. omg the hype train!!! or in this case hype bus. was debating starting him over lamar miller and now I don't think there is any doubt
  8. Great as a flex play who could have blow up games like this. Last week was more the mirage than any of the other weeks. I doubt he gets 38 again but he should consistently get 15 which ain’t half bad
  9. titans are my favorite option rest of schedule. matchups are great.
  10. mediocre rl quarterback but decent fantasy qb. cooper helps him a lot and he can dump it off to zeke as well. With that schedule I'm hoping I can get him as my second qb/spot starter
  11. He is good at breaking wr screens for TD's so maybe they can get him involved in some of those. Still has a solid floor and maybe he and dak get clikcing and dak hits him in stride for a long bomb. They were so close last night to one
  12. Had a couple chances for a long bomb td but dak missed him. Still seems real solid and runs great routes. Definitely a starter and could be even better moving forward. Honestly might have been worth a first round pick considering how young he is and how he is already dangerous as opposed to waiting for a rookie to get adjusted.
  13. why doesn't that count as a catch for crabtree? espn gave it to him then took it away. I don't understand it at all.even if he latereled he still caught the ball edit nevermind they gave him the points... for now
  14. I wonder what algorithm those dfs insiders were using. Would love to take a look at that. Would that be considered skill though.
  15. I'm pissed with all this conner news that I missed him in the draft. Was going to take him with my final pick but someone got him right before me. For any consolation my pick before was kittle so that eases the pain somewhat
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