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  1. I think Shepard has the biggest upside with OBJ and Marshall out, I'd def pick him up. I need to see more from Ben/this trade rumor situation to want Bryant. He's seems to be playing less snaps and less snaps than you'd like
  2. I added him after he was dropped and am holding. He's looking good so far. Broncos ended last year in a platoon with the guys they have now, I can see Charles getting a chance eventually. If he explodes its game over
  3. Pretty solid statement. I've been keeping my eye on Juju too with his snap count/Bryant situation. I know Ben's been struggling but I'd say he turns things around. Anything can still happen tho. Idk how Ben's arm is looking like (if anyone can enlighten me) but that was what made Bryant such a threat. But if he can't throw it downfield, Bryant's still a 6'4 red zone threat
  4. Probably more of what I haven't seen from Rawls/Lacy. He's had 14 touches vs 15/26, but is leading their RB's in total yards I like him as a stash with his most upside in PPR. He played some in the slot in college and could eat at some carries if Lacy and Rawls keep struggling. I'm sure Lacy or Rawls will always get more carries but Prosise's versatility should keep him on the field and give him a chance to breakout while they figure it out
  5. I like him as a hold if anyone has a spot for him. I had to drop him this week. He's trailing in targets but played more snaps than Bryant since week 3. Ben will hopefully get back to form and Martavis Bryant is rumored to be unhappy/wants to be traded. People bust or outperform their draft spot all the time, but an interesting thing is Juju was a higher draft pick than Brown and Bryant. As bad as Ben's been, Juju's been pretty productive for them compared to other rookies so far
  6. Idk what the numbers mean but I would do that in a heartbeat. If you need a RB later on you have plenty WR depth to give
  7. I think you could do better. You have pretty good RB and RB depth in PPR, I'd try upgrading a RB or get a better receiver. Or if youre happy with your team, hold out in case Gronk goes down Maybe even flex Ertz http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678057-ppr-flex-james-white-or-alshon-jeffery/
  8. I'd go with Graham just bc NYG have given up a ton of TDs to TE's. Henry also had 90 yards vs them last week. I'm not to high on Graham anymore but he hasn't been too bad in PPR. Dont know much about MIA vs TE's. McCown has had success with he tight ends in the past (bennett/barnidge) so I'd probably keep ASJ in otherwise
  9. 10-team, 1pt PPR. Will help in return QB Marriota RB Ingram/Peterson WR Bryant/K. Allen TE Gronk FX? I usually expect at least 10pts from White, and have sat Alshon lately, but he doesn't have as high TD potential/ceiling as Alshon. White vs ATL (went off in SB) Alshon vs WAS (Josh Norman questionable)
  10. 8 walks-.457OPS ? I dont expect the power to be there all year but I'll take that during Chris Davis' spills
  11. This Is gonna be a pretty long one... I wanted to find out how often Josh Bell has batted 2nd vs. righties this season and I looked at every Pirates' lineup from opening day to yesterday....wtf is Clint Hurdle doing?? Besides leadoff, it looked like a different lineup every day until Frazier/freese injuries and Marte suspension. Even when taking lefty/righty in consideration it's a complete sh*t show. It's no wonder their offense has been struggling and everyone seems to be in a slump. McCutchen, Polanco, Harrison, and Bell seem to have set spots for now, but how can you expect guy
  12. Let em punt. I'd understand if guys get hurt or you happened to not draft well and you wanna make sure you win certain cats. Baseball is random and trying to punt in baseball hardly works in the long run. (Besides losing cats bc other team goes off) if you punt saves your ERA/WHIP doesnt get lowered by relief pitchers. If you punt runs and for HR/RBI/TB your hits/avg/ops can tank. If you stack up with leadoff-contact guys and punt TB/HR/RBI it can hurt when leadoffs 5 at bats and/or have bad weeks. Punting steals is just laziness unless you happened to not draft anyone who does it.
  13. "Why would Lucroy call for a slider when EVERYONE knows Josh Reddick hits .119 and .200 OPS with a 68% ground ball rate vs the curve?!??!" Used to get quality stuff on here
  14. Really, really unfortunate as a baseball fan, but it's still the team's fault for making the first MRI optional (if it's related) I get the impression that the mets are rushing too much to be good now. Like they want to win now bc their staff is good, then they sign Cespedes and have some injuries, but the staff is good so they need to get back and win now. Noah apparently has no impression from the org that his career is more important to them than the season (my impresson). There's no foundation for the team, they need 5 stellar/above average SP to able to compete not
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