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  1. thanks for the reply. def ship kyrie out. i love kyrie as a fan but he's always been on my DND roster. its inevitable he'll get an injury. especially with playoffs coming, if not an injury then hes gonna sit out for way more games.
  2. thanks for answering my q. kemba and mitchell is a wash at the end of the season. mitchell is a second half player. i love siakam so he beats out both fox + redick and schroeder is a good handcuff to westy and shows he can ball along side him. id say u won.
  3. Wherever jimmy goes, he’s gonna do fine. Guy is ranked 3rd standard when Kat supposed to be top 3. He’s got that mj mentality and expects the best out of his team. I’ve been floating offers for jimmy n snagged him for roco and levert. So yeah def Buy low. He will be worth it for end game
  4. Just got Otto in two of my leagues. One for one Hield and one for one Saric there’s your value gauge fellas btw otto will def boujcebback because the wizards lost like 4 outta 5 games. In the game that they won Otto had what 4 3’s and 16/10 with 1/1 stocks. He in brooks dog house cus he a man n didn’t wanna suck brooks off like Morris and oubre ferreal tho like the other posters said. Hold Otto if u got him too talented n gettin paid 26 mil just to rot on the bench, fo gonna doggie brooks real soon
  5. I drafted him and was so glad people rejected my trades. I tried trading him away cus he had the longest slump, but then he hit me back when I needed it most. Never ever doubting the lord ever again!
  6. Yah... not sure who to go with haha. I guess for hill if u need assists and clarkson if u need scoring? :/
  7. Nah I think it’s for match up purposes. They playin Drummond today and so far dedmon has 0 fouls to boot.
  8. helllssss yeaaa i hope so. but then again walton plays small ball :| id say it opens up a ton more minutes for kuzma tho
  9. i added. its brolo, u know what hes capable of. only thing is his coach is in the way and they are most likely going to trade randle/nance. i dropped boban for him even though i think boban might beast and chriss in another league for him
  10. yea same here. really wanna pick him up, but afraid he could go back to his old ways :\ not sure what to do t.t
  11. i really dont think you have a drop on that squad... you will also need to make room for jabari when he plays this sat. with that said, i would probably eye either chriss or reggie. chriss because his upside is unbelievable, only thing is he's inconsistent as heck, but he's also coming along. i wouldnt trust coach kennys rotations as its funky as heck. you look ok with centers tho since you have embiid and drummond. nurk should pick up now since ed is pushing his minutes. if anything id try to trade a 2 for 1 and then pick one up.
  12. lol im surprised too. ive been trying to trade cov 2 weeks now and only this cat is biting.
  13. butler side seems like the better option. curry most likely rested sometime down the stretch which would be playoffs for us
  14. Give: cov Receive: tyreke and kuzma who wins?? i kno wits based off of where tyreke goes to, but do yall think kuzma will be better than roco by seasons end? as in jumping up a lot of spots on the rank/ higher than roco? i love roco but his slump has been str8 killin me.
  15. coach pulled all the starters late in the first because they were down by a ton. inserted bench and bench made comeback so coach rode the hot hands. youth movemenet is 100% so solid hold
  16. yea thats pretty ridiculous considering I just noticed today that tyrone wallace just got SF upgrade...
  17. Wondering if y’all think butlers knee soreness is serious or not
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