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  1. trade curry, wiseman is the future. tank.
  2. aged like fine milk only 57 games. yeah, 60 games max would be the norm moving forward
  3. for the second straight week I played Zion again on Sunday both times I lost 4-5 last week it was free throws today, turnovers If i didn't play him I win 5-4, but because some of my players are out, I forgot who last week, today FVV. I thought my opponent gonna overtake me in pts cat fool me once, shame on you fool me twice shame on me I'm benching him next Saturday or Sunday, now I don't know If i'll make the playoffs hanging on to the 8th seed. fml
  4. im sure butler missing this game had something to do with his beef with wade. personal reasons my a
  5. who is a 3pt shooting big that I can aquire for him? he doesn't fit my build aside from scoring I already have Bro lo
  6. same production as in Minny. the game is 4 quarters long. learn to be patient. Also, watch the games
  7. very calm now, calm before the storm? previous years even something minor happens.
  8. and they have two guys now who can't shoot who has the same skillset
  9. so what happened to this guy? he's even worse than garland and conley was.(in conley 's case, still is)
  10. add/dropped this bum a** in 2019 then in 2020 he produces like a stud. fml
  11. already dropped this bum even before he returned. yes I know everyone here including me is not as good as Conley in basketball but at the Nba level he is officially washed and old
  12. with all these new dynamic duos, who's fantasy's number 1 pick now?
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