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  1. Can't believe I managed to flip this dud for Jamal Murray. Just a massive disappointment with no IT factor
  2. clutch benching by me. phew. actually kept him on IL. think ill keep him there for another game or two. hes great but his FG has always been a drain
  3. God awful game can't hit the ocean if be tried
  4. who watched htis guy last year? how the hell did he average 18/10. i just dont see it. this was supposed to be a 22/12 year..its literally regressed significantly.
  5. This guy is Money....to MISS . Hot trash he's on my do not draft list going forward. He should be a 9-10th rounder. He's like Eric Gordon at this point
  6. Nightmare season continues. I could have drafted Embiid instead of this bum
  7. 6ast and 2 steals away from quadruple double.. The assists were very doable
  8. he was supposed to be the solution..guess not
  9. the next big game..whenever that is im going to try and sell high and see if i can get a 5th rounder in return. FML
  10. he jsut got dropped in my league and i have #1 WW..decisions..
  11. hes been pretty bad...i dunno guys..drop? a month for C|J but i hjavnet seen 1 good game from this guy. on offense he looks so raw.
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