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  1. Interested in Team Weber. Q: Are rosters locked at this point or are FA/WW pickups still allowed until sometime close to the draft? jgbiz13@comcast.net
  2. Gonna have to pass. Thought draft was at 6:30. Not going to be around later to draft
  3. I’ll take Just A Bit Outside if available. Would like to see team through the remainder of the season then decide if I’d stay for the long run if you don’t mind. jgbiz13@comcast.net
  4. I’ll take NJ Turtleheads in 16 team, 21 keeper league jgbiz13@comcast.net
  5. I'll take Team 8 with Kyrie, Beal, Cousins. jgbiz13@comcast.net
  6. Interested in Team 2. Would like to check out settings, etc. Can you send a link to the league? jgbiz13@comcast.net
  7. I'll take the Wizards jgbiz13@comcast.net
  8. Would like a link to your league to check out settings, etc. May have interest in Team 2 if Team 3 is spoken for. jgbiz13@comcast.net
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