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  1. Kaminsky and Saric were missing a ton of gimme's and couldn't stay in front of a grandma. Tyler Johnson was also out of the rotation, a trade might be coming? I think they had Carter/Jerome/Booker/Mikal/Saric at times, super small lineup. Then they went big with the wings with Jerome/Booker/Mikal. Monty plays a lot with his rotation, but it should solidify once Ayton and Baynes get back. I have no idea where Mikal is going to fit long-term. Oubre is the same age and a better player/shooter. But Bridges has that length/defense. Who knows.
  2. Me too. I'm happy with the haul, packaged him with JJJ. I think if Curry was healthy, D-Lo + Curry + Green would have worked and competed for an 8th seed.
  3. Wth are the Spurs doing? Besides not winning? Demar Derozan needs to be traded;
  4. Isaac is gonna benefit. More shots and rebounds.
  5. GSW is shutting down Russell for a mere thumb sprain for two weeks lol. They're gunning for a top 5 pick. You really think Draymond is gonna tear it up in the fantasy playoffs?
  6. Trying to get him by packaging Lebron. Am I crazy?
  7. Added this guy weeks ago and haven't been able to drop him.
  8. Where's the TO drain guy? Dude is a stud this year. Gonna win a lot of leagues.
  9. If Portland keeps losing, will they blow it up? This kid has tons of potential, reminds of of Donovan Mitchell.
  10. I'm expecting the worse, but hoping for the best. Steph isn't coming back and producing like a first rounder, that much is clear. They're absolutely punting this season and hoping for a top 5 pick. But I can actually imagine Draymond being their tank commander, the guy who management gets to point back to the league and say "see? we're not intentionally resting *everyone* and fielding a joke team." He also just got paid, wouldn't look great to sit out the season. I also think it'd be advantageous for some of the rotation guys to build some chemistry with Green, even if none of it
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