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  1. If somebody is wondering what is his current fantasy value then I just traded Love for Myles Turner, do not regret one bit and actually think that I got overpaid lol, that's how sad has been the last few weeks owning Love.
  2. Frustrating to own him, but better days might be ahead of us if gets traded.
  3. Hi! 9cat H2H: Readless which side wins this trade - Beal + Aldridge + Sexton versus Walker + Jrue Holiday + Millsap. Which side wins? P.S. Post your link for WHIR
  4. I am from Latvia and even so I think you should take the Jokic deal.
  5. It depends whether you can wait for Vucevic to come back, if yes, then dont do it.
  6. 1. Dont punt 3 cats - 2 is max. 2. I would not give up Lamb OR Whiteside for Randle, giving up 2 of them is suicide.
  7. Butler and Jokic and its not even close http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/789298-trade-whir/
  8. I agree with the rest - if you are able to take the bad FG% then go with Rozier.
  9. I also think that it is a good deal if you are looking for bigs.
  10. Kennard will get his s--- back together again will be much better imo as he is getting all the minutes and Pistons actually need his offense.
  11. I think you are giving up too much, Lillard is really good this year and eventually AD will sit more than Dame.
  12. Depends what FA are there but normally Barnes is a hold and Ingles as well.
  13. Points league or h2h those 2vs1 offers usually is gold and this is not any different if you have the time to work with FA then its definitely worth it.
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