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  1. I like the Bryant side. Safer than JoRam and I think Olsen is a solid bat and will contribute similar to Carpenter. Check mine out
  2. Much rather have Giolito over German. With that being said I’d only do it if you think Rameriez will be better. I personally think he will rebound some but he’s not the guy he was the first half of the year. With that being said I’d do it because I am not sure Manny is as good as he’s hyped to be.
  3. The Giolito owner was willing to move Dee Gordon if I gave him Hamilton or Mallex back
  4. I think Giolito is the way to go on this one. Saves will always be available one way or another. Ace potential is hard to pass up
  5. I definitely say go for it. Vlad is the best player and your not killing your saves. Hep with mine
  6. I like Senzel. His upside and versatility is too valuable. Especially since you have Seager to hold down SS for you help with mine?
  7. Looks like you would be fine with double plays. If your punting SBs as it is the loss of Dee isn’t a killer but I think you could get a better 2nd piece if he’s after Dee hard
  8. If I am to ask for more with Giolito what level player should I go for?
  9. I am also in a league that counts DPT. I can say having a 1B with OF eligibility is a nice boost. I’m a big fan of Alonso thou. I’d say go for it if you have a decent 1B you can plug into that spot and move Hoskins to the OF. If you don’t have anyother options at 1st I’d probably stay. Dee has OF eligibility at in my league and similar concept putting a MI in the OF to boost DPT.
  10. I say go for it. You have Vlad at 3rd so Riley is expandable and Acuna is a massive upgrade all around in the OF. I don’t know what the waivers look like but you should be able to find some replacement value for Giolito there since you will have an extra spot
  11. I am a huge believer in Acuna and say if you can get him go for it. Dozier has potential as well. Altuve seems to be losing a step thanks for mine
  12. What kind of piece should I look for him to add? He mentioned before that Dee Gordon is available but I don’t see a need for him for me
  13. Anytime you have a shot at a possible impact pitcher I say take that chance. Quality arms are harder to find with the offensive explosion we’ve seen in recent history
  14. That’s a lot to give up for just Tatis. Granted Riley is expected some regression but everything I have read on him he profiles to produce around Pete Alonso level so I would hold on to that. Help with mine
  15. I have a log jam at OF right now and Stanton coming back will make it even deeper. I recently traded some SP to get hitting depth so now I could use help in the SP market. Our free agent pool is very thin on pitching. It is a 12 team cat keeper league. Ive been offer Giolito by one owner and Montas and Fedde by another. While I don’t necessarily think either are enough for Stanton alone I am not sure how far off they are and how big of a piece to add. Fedde is still on that teams minor league roster so I wouldn’t have to drop to get him until I am sure he’s up to stay.
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