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  1. Dwight Howard + Eric Gordon for Marc Gasol: early to tell but so far so good w. extra roster spot to get Bogdan
  2. not a bad idea..if you can get back top 50 do it I wouldn't sell for any less tho..he can legit. finish top 50 n playoff schedule 4-4-4 ...sex
  3. had high hopes for this dude..thought he was going to go off with Bogdan on the shelf but wtf IMAN? welp..
  4. His 4.2 blocks/game is most likely due to insane increase in pace in NBA + changes on defense rules. Anyhow, that's a sig. improvement.. and Boban can't keep up with pace and Gortat can't either. It's time to pick him up- 22-25 mins coming
  5. Jrue..he can't be this bad he's probably adjusting to Payton in the mix and he gun be better than this
  6. man this dude Tony buckets been proving all of us wrong every year..and we never learn! haha forget Ariza, Mikal, Jackson, etc. ...this dude's 3rd best player on team. He got better every frigging year...all hail Tony Bucketsss
  7. Yes..love this dude! He & Kuz & Ball all need to start next to LBJ n Javale..much much better fit
  8. This dude went in 60-70 n i don't think he gets there this year.. He's shooting OK n I do think he'll get defensive stats this year but those threes aint coming..another year of top 100
  9. I just dropped him lol any OKAy waiver wires should do better than this dude.. He's getting low 20s without Lauri.. i'd get Danny Green/Monk/Lamb over Jabari..hell maybe even Gay
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