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  1. Typical Dejounte Murray line in 30 mins. He's a monster. Hope he keeps it up, it has definitely been a rough ride for Murray owners
  2. bruh your team is stacked AF for a 12-man league wtf. You gotta be 1st with a squad like that. Hope you're playing in a cash league because it should be easy $$
  3. I would keep Harden. Or Try and trade for Dame + Ingram, see if he'll take that trade.
  4. Tristan Thompson is in a contract year, so I think he will continue to impress and average a double double with good FG% and a few BLKS/STLS. Otto Porter, given how injury risk and how fickle he is playing so far, is definitely a high risk/ high reward considering everyone knows what type of numbers he puts up when he's balling out. I am thinking Otto Porter gets it together in the near future so I want to say Otto Porter will end up being more valuable than TT by the end of the season.
  5. Contrary to everyone else's replies, I personally don't think this trade is that lopsided. With Donovan Mitchell's fantasy production so far and the way things are looking in Utah, I definitely think he can maintain his top 10 value. Aaron Gordon has got to be better, and we have seen the type of production he can have when he's rolling. I actually prefer Donovan/Gordon over Porzingis/Gallo.
  6. Giannis side. His fantasy stats alone outweigh Sabonis and Rozier by himself.
  7. Would really appreciate some feedback on this post. WHIR
  8. Good trade for you. Drummond and Hayward looking real nice so far in the season.
  9. TBH, Conley is too good of a player to be this bad for an extended period of time. When Conley is playing like himself, his upside is greater than both Hayward and Hield IMO.
  10. I'm taking Kawhi. I think the media is honestly blowing his load management out of proportion. I do think he is rested on some back-to-backs, but towards the latter part of the season I believe he'll play more often than not.
  11. I am in a 12-team rotisserie league and was dead last in 3's. I am trading Derozan and Teague for Conley and Gallinari. Trade was already accepted. You guys think this is a good move, or am I giving up too much?
  12. new to this fantasy forum ish

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