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  1. C'mon ESPN, how is "to be reevaluated in 2 weeks" not IR eligible...
  2. He was injured not too long ago. I owned him before the injury and it wasn't bad. Huerter is second year and Porter rookie. KPJ has a pretty clear path to mins. RoS. Huerter has a in his path and on the nights that Trey has been hurt, he's often done nothing. We haven't even seen the Hawks with Capela so we don't know how that's going to look. Between the 2 I'd take KPJ because we haven't seen him his ceiling yet, unless of course the other night was it.
  3. My playoffs are late in the season. He’s worth the hold until the playoffs for me. Young guys can get a lot of run late season.
  4. In an 8 man rotation with Capela out the other night, dude got 3 minutes. Ouch
  5. He kinda reminds me of a young Rondo with a much better 3 stroke and somehow a worse FT%. And Rondo was BADDDDDDD at ft%. Excellent line tonight though, I did a double take.
  6. I'm in a similar situation, Lowry in my IR spot in a 12 team H2H. Lowry is due for an update on Saturday, if he's coming back shorty thereafter I think I'd hold Otto. If Lowry is out for much longer I think I'll cut bait on Otto.
  7. His blocks were low to start last year also. By mid-November he came around.
  8. He looks like a NBA player. I think starter or bench role is what he's working out now. That's IRL. In fantasy, you can't trust Fiz rotations outside of 2-3 guys. Trust me. Talent is irrelevant if it's on the bench because the coach is unpredictable.
  9. He's as advertised. Good when he plays but he get hurts a lot. This year his TS% is crazy high and I think PPG career high as a result. Not much to complain about for a guy who was 50th or $8-$13 in auctions.
  10. I remember reading something about you throwing Dame in to get rid of Conley.
  11. He's been a pretty bad shooter historically. Like really bad. Nice couple of game stretch though. Maybe he's a late bloomer? Regardless, I wouldn't trust the Fiz rotations in a money league. You never know when a 3 game DNP stretch is around the corner.
  12. Thumb fracture on non shooting hand. 8 games or so
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