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  1. Veen and it’s not even close. The above top 5 list by Anderson is a joke.
  2. Lol..... I’m a Giants, I despise the Dodgers, and you’re a fool! Welcome to America!
  3. I’m starting because Baltimore should be in full control of this game.... which hopefully results in more opportunity.
  4. Patterson is a WR converted to RB, however, he isn’t the “receiving” back. Gimme Nall in deep league PPR
  5. Not sure who will be the closer long term but I’d bet that Goody gets the next opportunitie(s) to close. 3 up 3 down in his only save opportunity.... a rare feat nowadays for a closer.
  6. I’m Wander’s biggest fan but everyone needs to relax and let this kid develop. He needs his AA at bats and maybe some AAA at bats. Yes, he’s a natural born leader that will win multiple batting titles one day. However, his power is still very much in question.
  7. Tapes worst enemy is a QB that can extend plays or rush for a first down. Or rush for a touchdown... he’s one of two qbs that can do that. But don’t worry, the tape will stop his arm, his legs, nuke, Kirk, drake, Fitzgerald, kingsbury.
  8. He’s great, very underrated, maybe even elite for this class. However, he has one of the worst, if not the worst starting QB in the NFL throwing to him.
  9. I love these forums. 2nd best offensive line, #1 rushing team, will be ahead in most games, one of the best head coaches the game, and 2nd round draft capital. Yet, it’s probably a worst case scenario landing in Baltimore. God bless you!
  10. I’m not buying the crowded backfield argument and I’m not banking on a healthy Mark Ingram. League winner if Ingram gets hurt. Dynasty treasure, top 2 or 3 option. They will be ahead in many games and want to protect their stud qb. PFF #2 offensive line in ‘19.
  11. I believe in his fantasy game. I’m not taking him simply because there are too many good rookie rbs and wrs.
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