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  1. Good point. He has come a long way defensively in left field and was actually a gold glove finalist last year. He just needs to figure out how to hit again.
  2. When Springer was healthy (for like 3 days, lol), they optioned Tellez. So even with Grichuk, Teoscar, Springer, and Gurriel there was going to be room for one of them at DH. However, maybe next time they don't option Tellez if Gurriel continues to look like one of the worst hitters in the entire league.
  3. Calhoun is going to play every day even with the activation of Khris Davis off the injured list, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports. "The way Willie has been swinging the bat, he's going to play every day," manager Chris Woodward said of Calhoun. Calhoun, who took an .895 OPS into Saturday's game against Seattle, started in left field, just the third time in 18 starts he played the field, while David Dahl served as DH against right-hander Erik Swanson. Davis is likely to DH against southpaws, while Calhoun and Dahl rotate at left field and DH against righties.
  4. What the hell, Clase is not the closer now?
  5. I hope you guys are right. There's slow starts, but this is a whole other level of bad. I watch quite a bit of Jays games, and he looks absolutely horrible. Missing fastballs right down the middle and swinging at junk in the dirt. Not only is he not hitting, but he's barely getting on base (2 walks to 14 K's including tonight). I was excited for him this year but this is discouraging to say the least.
  6. Poor little AG 😔 He's been horrible this year.
  7. I guess league context is important. I am considering dropping in a points league where steals don't really matter all that much. He just doesn't do much in that format when he's batting 9th with very little power and counting stats.
  8. Same. I've been hanging on to him in a keeper league, patiently hoping to cash in on some of that prospect pedigree that he had. Am now very close to hitting that drop button.
  9. Let him play wherever keeps him healthy. Last 162 games: .285, 35 HR, 9 SB, .855 OPS
  10. Maybe he can pick up some tips from new teammates Snell and Darvish about developing a third pitch.
  11. Matt Olson. He has been considerably better outside of Oakland
  12. Last night: 6 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 10 K on 93 pitches. Hopefully his next start is with the A's
  13. Mlb.com shows him going Thursday @San Fran
  14. https://www.mlb.com/padres/news/chris-paddack-to-face-marlins-for-first-time This implies he'll face the Marlins early this week and then the Mets next week. It's down a few paragraphs in the article.
  15. Miami is Smith, Gallen, Alcantara according to mlb.com
  16. by RotoWire Staff (4 hrs ago) Luzardo (shoulder) who has been throwing from 120 feet and completed a bullpen session earlier this week, is expected to begin pitching in minor-league games by the end of May, Martin Gallegos of MLB.com reports.
  17. The Athletic had a great article about how he has worked on a change up. I'm not sure how much he's throwing it in the early going, but if he develops a solid change up it could go a long way to him improving against lefties
  18. He has. On the broadcast yesterday they were talking about how Martinez likes him in the 9 spot because he has had success there and they want him to continue building his confidence.
  19. Alex Cora was on inside pitch today. They're resting Mookie another day (he's available tonight) and they plan to start him tomorrow for the day game
  20. Yup. Something like 14 pitches Saturday and 22 yesterday, both in non-save opportunities and now he's unavailable when a save opp actually arises. Annoying for owners.
  21. Watching the Dodgers broadcast and they just announced that Walker left with the dreaded forearm tightness.
  22. Graveman has to be the worst pitcher in the entire league (if not, he's close). He's absolutely atrocious.
  23. Save for Madson. Anyone know why Doolittle didn't pitch?
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