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  1. I would be interested in the open team ..... gopherscott@gmail.com.
  2. Would be happy to take the team... Hopefully very active with no dead weight. gopherscott@gmail.com
  3. Can I see the rosters and league info ..... interested. gopherscott@gmail.com
  4. Replacement needed for long time ESPN 20 league. Team is in last place but not bad talent. This is a keeper league so could be a good chance to build a better team. Team is the Edmonton Oilers .... link is to see ... https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league?leagueId=94140
  5. Yes ..... I want the Space Jam team with Towns. wolves fan and will be very active. gopherscott@gmail.com
  6. interested ..... and would like to see the league rules and roster. Looking for a very active league. Familiar with CBS as I am in a baseball and football CBS league. gopherscott@gmail.com
  7. like to see the teams and league info ...... gopherscott@gmail.com
  8. I will take it .... gopherscott@gmail.com
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