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  1. Seriously, this was such a rough season - one of the roughest ones in recent memory, in terms of players missing time. If you're into analytics then you know how much time and effort we put into this. It sucks to have so much bad luck happen out of our control. Feels like so much wasted effort, and makes me think hard about doing fantasy bball again next season
  2. It's been repeated over and over this season, but I just need to vent about the injuries/suspensions this season I'm a super data-driven and analytical guy. It's part of my work background actually. I spend countless hours scouting and following news during the offseason, factor in injury risk, make spreadsheets to calculate stats and playoffs, draft the "perfect" team on paper, drill into advanced analytics, follow team reporters' Twitters, subscribe to The Athletic and BBM, and am vigilant the whole season on the waiver wire. But my "perfect" team simply f-cked me over with missed time
  3. Rockets for sure are not done looking for a center. No way Bell will be able to defend elite, bigger bigs
  4. In a vacuum, which side wins in 9-cat ROS? Ayton or Doncic? WHIR
  5. Maybe he doesn't pan out, but I think he's still worth the flier, especially as an end-of-bencher? Excluding the last 18-min Dallas outing, he's produced 10th-round value in his last 19 games. 28 mpg, 1.6 treys, 5.6 boards, and 1.3 steals. Essentially a low-end version of the sort of lines he's produced the bulk of his career, but still more than serviceable for competitive leagues if it sustains
  6. Took a flier on him. I'm assuming/hoping he'll start given Portland's obvious aggressive playoff push. Been a consistent early-to-mid-round producer for years. Even if he produces similar to last year, I'll be happy
  7. Do you think KAT will get any bump in usage or fantasy stats, now that Napier's the main guy at the point (for now)?
  8. Posted on Saturday. Hard not to get excited. But don't get too excited... Because although he looks good, from what I've researched, a key part in recovering from broken hand injuries is the strengthening phase, to minimize risk of re-injury. And also, of course we know the Warriors org wants to play it as safe as possible. So he still might be a ways away, especially if we believe Kerr's recent comments But just wanted to share because his shooting looks as great as ever
  9. For those that are still holding Conley or thinking about adding him... He's progressed to 1-on-1 work. Still vague on return date, but this is the first news of progress since his re-injury and hopefully provides a sense of when he might return
  10. There are different grades and treatment options (including non-operative), but for reference, Nick Young had a complete RCL tear and needed 6 weeks to recover (source)
  11. Yep, typically over a month to several months
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