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  1. I think it was "pretty" normal.. 1 Westbrook 2 Harden 3 Durant 4 James (meh) 5 Greek 6 Jokic (...) 7 Curry I was torn between Curry/KAT/AD, but thought I could get a big in round 2 that would look real nice with Curry. And that happened with DMC. Jabari was picked because I had no SF at that point.. And LaVine.. I don't know. Based on the little descriptions ESPN gave it seems like they have upside in the 8th and 9th rounds.. Lol. I admittedly don't know much about their injuries though.
  2. Instead of saying "hot garbage" a name would be nice to really understand the situation. Although here, regardless, the answer is no.
  3. I like it a lot. Only hole is the bench which is a little weak, but you can manage that throughout the year. Starters are really good and the Cook/Henry picks give you a real good keeper option over Murray next year.
  4. NO CHANCE You get ripped off in that deal. Can't believe you are contemplating. It would have to be a vast overpayment for you to trade Johnson, and this is a vast underpayment.
  5. Wow. Didn't expect that response but thanks For reference (forgot to include in post) this is where I drafted each player: PG Stephan Curry (1.07) SG Victor Oladipo (7.07) SF Jabari Parker (8.04) PF Miles Turner (3.07) C DeMarcus Cousins (2.04) G Jrue Holiday (6.04) F Blake Griffin (4.04) UTIL Brook Lopez (5.07) UTIL Zach LaVine (9.07) UTIL Pau Gasol (10.04) BE Tim Hardaway Jr (11.07) BE Nerlens Noel (12.04) BE Derrick Favors (13.07) I didn't do much research at all. My only strategy was to try to stay away from the new superteams, as there is a lot of uncertainty there. You know Curry/Cousins will perform in their current situations, not to mention I think they complement each other very well.
  6. I would say WHIR, but honestly it's just not fair to you guys for me to provide advice with the little knowledge I have. Anyway, drafted my team today. I think (?) it is pretty good.. I'm content, but I want to know how you guys feel about it. Drafted #7 overall. 10 team H2H Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, PTS PG Stephan Curry SG Victor Oladipo SF Jabari Parker PF Miles Turner C DeMarcus Cousins G Jrue Holiday F Blake Griffin UTIL Brook Lopez UTIL Zach LaVine UTIL Pau Gasol BE Tim Hardaway Jr BE Nerlens Noel BE Derrick Favors So what do you think? Any areas of strength? Weakness? I appreciate any feedback.
  7. People just expect you don't trade him. He has more value to a roster.
  8. Meh. I guess you got what you needed, and pretty much got 2 fringe first rounders, but Bell is a monster and Sanders shouldn't be overlooked in PPR. I hope it works out.
  9. I'd start Hunt until Mixon takes the CIN job completely.
  10. Yeaah. I'm a Pats fan, but Cooks/Cousins would look REAL good. I would've taken that over Rodgers for sure. Then if you did that you wouldn't had to have drafted Watkins, and could've used that spot for some other need assuming you picked Watkins before Cousins was taken. Anyway. I don't get the extreme hate on this team. Sure, it's a work in progress with a lot of risk, but if you don't take risks you end up where you've been for 8 years.
  11. I'm a heavy ambassador for the late QB strategy, but I still think you did pretty well. I'd be interested in what this team would look like with a WR drafted where Rodgers was and Cousins as your QB later on. I would be much more inclined to say it was a great draft if you did that. This is a team of question marks. Gronk, ARob, Bryant, Watkins, Parker, and Martin, but if those question marks start going the right way this team will be hard to beat.
  12. Meh. Not that difficult honestly. Keep OBJ/Zeke and have them for their whole careers? Or keep OBJ/McCoy and have to find a new keeper in 2 years? I know my choice. Make sure you draft McFadden as well.
  13. Can you keep whichever players you choose past this year? If so. OBJ and Zeke easily. If this is the last year you get to keep them, I'd go OBJ/McCoy.
  14. I don't worry about byes. Deal with them as they come.
  15. I guess it did work as you've posted two threads now, but it is what it is. I like this team a lot. You have tons of depth at WR, which is very valuable. For the first 6 weeks you will have really solid RBs as well, but after that it gets a bit murky. So either wait it out and hope you grab a RB off the WW, trade McFadden to the Zeke owner for some starting RB, or trade a WR for a RB (Sanders). QB and TE are solid. RB2 is my only gripe on this team and I have confidence you can figure it out. Well done. Note: After reading you keep 15 players, great grab with Edleman. You likely got him way late and he'll be a keeper.
  16. Well I can't make a decision based on your team because I'm on mobile, unless you want to paste it over. In a black hole I'd like that deal for you for all the reasons I mentioned. Majority of the time if you get the best player in the deal you're well off.
  17. Yep. Miller for Cooper is a good deal for you.
  18. Alright, so I told you how this works. Go actually help people on their threads so you can reach enough posts to make your own thread. I'll give my feedback when I see that post.
  19. I like Crowder more. They are both the second WR on their team, but Washington is more pass oriented and Cousins is a fringe top tier QB. It's close enough though. The gap comes from Thomas to Baldwin. In standard they are closer because of Baldwin's TD ability, but there will be A LOT of targets going Thomas' way this year. He is a late 1st/ early 2nd player, Baldwin is mid/late third.
  20. No. This is not how you get people to help you, by stealing someone's thread. Go actually assist 5 people to reach the post threshold where then you can make your own post.
  21. Too early to worry about that. Yes, people will drop their backup QBs as they need the roster spot due to injury, etc. Also so much will have changed by week 8 that the odds your team looks as it does now is minimal.
  22. Thomas/Sanders side wins. Not an insane drop off.
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