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  1. I'd only take the risk on Zeke if you grab Julio first round. Then you could go Julio/Zeke/Cooper and still be very well off. If you grab Gordon, going Gordon/Zeke/Cooper when you have DJ doesn't make sense.
  2. If you could go: 3rd: Julio/Gordon/McCoy 8th: Nelson/Thomas/Zeke 19th: Hilton/Cooper Acquiring 2 WR and 1 RB. That would look very nice. If you started with DJ, Gordon, Nelson, and Cooper you are laughing.
  3. Instead of creating a whole new thread for a quick question, I'm just going to try bumping this one and ask the question here. Garcon was somehow dropped, and somehow cleared. I think he has a lot of potential this year and could be in for a big time load of targets. Assuming I drop John Brown for a defense, is there anyone else on my roster I could even contemplate dropping for Garcon? Or should I just watch as another team inevitably acquires his services?
  4. The fact that that deal was offered to you, I don't think you can make a deal with this owner. Their head is somewhere. Or maybe your head is somewhere else for considering. Keep DJ.
  5. I'd hold Duke. It didn't help him that Kizer was named that starter, but they mentioned earlier in the preseason they were going to line Duke up in the slot a bit this year. That would give him some nice sneaky value in PPR, so I'd hold him for that reason.
  6. After reading the title and expecting a Brandin Cooks thread, that first line shocked me. Anyway, I personally like Hunt better, but I agree with the statement Thor made. If it adds to your fantasy football experience go for it. As a Pats fan I always hate that I never seem to draft Pats and then try to trade for them during the year. If you can do it, go for it.
  7. Should be good with some tweaking. Not a fan of the TyMont pick at all, but you made up for it with a steal of Hunt at 63. The McFadden pick was very important after you grabbed Zeke, and I think it was too risky to leave that to 111 but it worked out so congrats. WRs are iffy. I'm not an ARob fan, Bryant is boom or bust, and Landry isn't a great WR3 in standard. So if you can look to improve there that would make this team better. I suggest staying active on RBs that emerge via injury so you can free up the ability to trade TyMont. I don't drafts QBs high, and that could have been your WR fix at 39, but it won't kill you. This team has potential. You didn't blow it.
  8. Not sure why anyone is hung up on the fact that you had $14 left other than the fact that people seem to like to hate you. As for my own evaluation, I don't care about the $14 because this is an amazing team. I have no gripes other than week 11 will be a little interesting bye wise, but you shouldn't draft based on byes anyway so who cares. Great draft.
  9. I think the QB hoarding was stupid. Why don't you worry about your own team first? You think you'll be in a "power position" when really they can just look at your team and KNOW you MUST trade 2 QBs, while they ride a Cousins/Winston/Mariota to a championship. A smart owner will force your hand on the QB situation and next thing you know it's week 6, you're 1-4 with 3 great QBs. I hope you find the idiot that will pay full price for one of your QBs knowing your circumstances, but I would never bet on that.
  10. I guess Thomas and Olsen.. This will be a hell of a rebuilding year for you.
  11. I think it's pretty good. WR3 is an issue though. I would have liked this team more if you grabbed a WR3 with the Wilson spot and a QB to pair with Luck late. In a 14 team you should be fine though.
  12. You crushed this draft. I'm not worried about Hyde, he's a solid RB2 behind DJ with upside, and you have Mixon as insurance. I don't think any work needs to be done here. Ride this team to a championship.
  13. Not the best formatting then. You gave the impression that it was Freeman or Alshon. That being said, I still accept the deal pending you at least have a decent roster behind Bell. I believe starting a roster with one of Johnson/Bell is huge, and to trade for one of them is really tough. This deal is on the brink of overpaying, but Bell is a league winner.
  14. Yes yes yes. Bell is the best player in this deal by miles. I don't like either ARob or Hopkins, but whatever. Bell wins this deal easily.
  15. Have to say. Despite some of the noted struggles of Axe Elf last year, he was the reason I bought into Thomas/Crowell last year and won my league handily.
  16. I agree with starting Hopkins/Hunt for McCoy. Cooks should be in for a real solid year, and I don't like Hopkins at all so might as well try. It's not the worst offer.
  17. Pick OBJ. Even if it hurts you this year (which it won't much because it's likely just 1 or 2 games) you get 3 years of OBJ. That is way more valuable than McCoy.
  18. I'd go Wright. No chance I want Bortles throwing to one of my WRs. I think Wright should receive a lot more targets with Cam out and I'd like to see what he can do with them.
  19. Yes, I did move 2 for Eifert, but that pick up ended up being McFadden, who I clearly can't drop now.
  20. I'm a Pats fan and I'm not totally seeing the hype. It was a better situation for him last year and he was a WR 3/4 at best. The changes in the passing game from last year to this are only Edleman is now Cooks, and Gronk is back. Not sure how Hogan is suppose to be much better. Maybe drop Tyrod for him if you have a better QB starting just because.
  21. For sure. Parker will be a starter on your roster, where Gore is stuck behind McCoy/Freeman/Zeke.
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