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  1. Yeah it'll be Godwin for me. He has a good chance of being the best player and cheapest option at the same time I do like Kupp but there are concerns with him. So because of that I'll take a potentially safer player and the extra 4 rounds.
  2. Has to be White here. Would rather take a dart throw on one of the other late round TEs than have Ebron.
  3. Just have a relatively minor trade I'd like some feedback on. This would basically just improve the top end of my bench while hurting the bottom end a bit. Kyler might hurt me the most though as he could very well be my starting QB at some point. Give: Kyler, Coutee, Hunt Get: Boyd, Ballage, (Pickup Winston) 10 Team Re-draft: QB Brady, Murray WR Julio, K. Allen, Edelman, Tate, Coutee, Samuel RB Melvin, Henry, A. Jones, Guice, Hunt TE Engram Anyways thanks guys, and I'll be sure to help back if you leave a link below
  4. Thank you! I actually just dealt Njoku/Watkins in a seperate deal for Engram and will pickup Samuel. So I think I'm looking a lot better. And you are right about the multiple players on the same team thing. I didn't plan it that way but I just thought Allen in the 4th was solid value.
  5. Yep the dealbreaker for me was seeing all the TEs off the board already. Generally I'm a fan of waiting a bit and grabbing one of Howard/Engram/Henry/Cook this year, but with 3/4 of those off the board you're really taking a risk. Miss out on one guy and the options just completely shrivel up. And realistically the best argument for not grabbing one of the top 3 TEs in a standard draft is that it puts you behind the 8 ball at RB/WR. Well, you have those already. Solidify your roster and grab the top TE in the game too.
  6. Mixon for sure, then I'd lean Kelce since you have Thomas/Tyreek already.
  7. Was being picky with who I started this week to aim for ERA/WHIP. Planned to only start Clevinger and Buehler this weekend. Canning comes in a 16 inning game he wasn't suppose to pitch in and blows up my ratios. Love that.
  8. I'm not much of an auctioner but I'll put my thoughts out there regardless! I don't actually think my strategy would vary TOO much from a standard draft. I wouldn't be spending much on QB and TE (unless 8 team or less then I'll go after a TE) and would have a focus on RBs unless you're in a full-PPR setup. As for who I'd get, I'm not a fan of blowing a 3rd of your budget on one of the elite RBs, but I see value in spending on a few late first/second round talents. I'd be nominating either players I don't like, or just players I already have excess of (If you get two RBs
  9. Thanks! I do actually have Ekeler already. And Jackson is a FA currently so can grab him if I need to. Looks like I may have to make this deal
  10. Thanks! Definitely helpful. And just above my team I threw in that it's a (early) redraft so everything you mentioned applies. Thanks again!
  11. Hey guys, just have a trade question, but realistically it comes down to the M. Gordon holdout for me. How worried should I be about it? Is he likely to miss regular season games? Is it just a guessing game at this point? I was offered a trade for him: Give: M. Gordon, Kyler Get: Bell Now with no holdout, I'm declining this without second though. I'm not a huge Bell fan and would prefer M. Gordon. Not to mention Kyler could very well be my starting QB at some point this year over Brady. But.. The holdout. The Bell situation last year scares me. 10 team
  12. Traded for Glasnow.. Wait for it.. Yesterday. A mere hour before news of a concerning setback.
  13. Hey guys, was just offered a pretty big trade and was wondering what you all think. I think the value is on my side, but giving up the upside of Henry is scary. Do I still do it? Give: Henry, Njoku, Tate Get: Ertz, Ingram, Kupp 10 team yahoo standard (0.5 PPR) Team Now: QB: Brady WR (x2): Julio, K. Allen RB (x2): M. Gordon, Henry FLEX: A. Jones TE: Njoku BE: Edleman, Guice, Watkins, Tate, Hunt, Sanders, K. Harry Team After: QB: Brady WR (x2): Julio, K. Allen RB (x2): M. Gordon, A. Jones FLEX: Edlema
  14. Was going to win the IP and K categories in my league easily this week, probably W as well. Instead? - McHugh to the pen - Smith's start postponed - Canning in a delay And now I'll likely lose 5-6 instead of winning 8-3. Baseball.
  15. As it pertains to the SP/RP balance, that might just require a little research to see if generally starters or relievers hold more value in your format. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out in a points league. If you find that RP are more valuable, I would stick with Davis over Jeffress. He still got 43 saves last year. They'll come. If you find that SP are more valuable, McHugh is the guy I'd be going with out of the listed.
  16. I have a lot of OF/UTIL guys right now anyway, so if I take it I'll probably look to immediately flip one or both of Cruz/Domingo for a pitcher
  17. Hey all! Was offered a deal in my long time keeper league. I would be receiving Eloy, in exchange for Glasnow. Keep 8, forever. Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, TB, AVG /// W, L, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS Team: C Jansen 1B Aguilar 2B K. Hernandez 3B Rendon SS Lindor OF K. Davis OF Pham OF Robles UTIL D. Santana BE Cruz, Semien, LeMahieu SP Strasburg, Bumgarner, Glasnow, Arrieta RP Jansen, Leclerc, Jimenez, Stammen, Holland, Romo
  18. After a (long) week one, my offense got 67 runs, 26 homers, 76 RBIs, .372 OBP, and .563 SLG. Leading my league in all those categories. Great start. (Thanks Cody)
  19. I think you meant over/under 32.5 HR by May? Right?
  20. My league gets 2 moves per week, and the long week started on March 20th.. We finally hit the point 3 days ago where everyone in the league had used both their moves and for the 6 days after that no more moves can be made across the league. Fun ☺
  21. I don't know if this means anything to people, but in one of the games in the Jays series he hit two fly balls DEEP to the warning track that were caught. For one of them Teoscar jumped at the fence to get it. If those drop we're likely feeling better, though I agree early signs aren't positive.
  22. Cody Bellinger, have a day! If he can re-find his 2017 power stroke he could be in for a monster campaign.
  23. Hope he doesn't start off slow again.. But it's been a trend his whole career. Started slow after being recalled in 2016. Started slow to start both the 2017 and 2018 seasons. 2019 - ?
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