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  1. My strategy going in was to wait on the top of my staff, and be able to grab some decent pitchers to round out the bottom. I missed on a lot of my targets late in the draft which is why my bench looks like it does. Lol. Thank you!
  2. I really like it. I think there is a good mix of a high floor and solid upside in this team. I really like your hitting (especially OF) and you added a nice staff to go with it. My favourite picks are Shaw/Acuna/Clevinger/Leone/Kingery. Looking at your team it looks like you got nice value on those guys. Should be competitive. Well done!
  3. So I just completed my keeper league draft. Initial thoughts are that I love my hitting, am content with the top of my staff... Anddd... The bottom of my staff is a joke. Wondering if you guys share the same thoughts, have any ideas of some starters that I need to grab, or add to my watch list in case they get the call, etc. Anyway here's my team: 12 team, 5 keeper (4 Years), H2H. 2 pickups per week. Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLUG // IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP C) Sanchez (Keeper) 1B) Bellinger (Keeper) 2B) Carpenter (144 overall) 3B) Arenado (Kee
  4. So I've never played in a holds league before. This season is my first time. So I need some help. So first, I don't really expect my team to contend as I inherited this team this offseason, but I'm just stocking up holds guys that may provide some value in a deep league. Holds is its own category, not saves+holds. Second, is I did draft numerous holds guys at the end of my draft, but have no idea where they stand for this season. Here's who I have: Ramos Edwards Jr Minter Oh Fields So now here are some guys that are FAs that s
  5. Buxton, Devers, and Myers. I'd want to keep McCullers so bad with your offense, but I'm a fan of these three.
  6. Yeah there is no perfect situation. But there is less incentive to tank because if you try to compete and miss out you have the same odds as the bottom teams of getting a top 3 pick. But you do still have to give the bottom teams something to work with to get better. It's just an idea to get teams to compete a bit more. If the MLB believes this is an issue I think it may help a bit.
  7. This is off the top of my head for a lottery system (which is probably the best route). But I look at revamping the way the NHL/NBA does it, and maybe that brings some balance to trying to win but still getting a good draft pick if you suck. What you do is do a lottery for each of the top 3 picks between the 20 non-playoff teams. Where I think it could differ from the NHL/NBA is giving each of the 20 teams the same odds of landing the #1 pick. So 5% each. Then after the top 3 are drawn the rest of the non-playoff teams slot in reverse standings. As normal. So if you come last and l
  8. I'll definitely keep that in mind! Maybe this deal will help the tank.. Lol.
  9. I appreciate the time put into this. I'm not new to fantasy, but basketball I am for sure. I've had success in the past overpaying on deals with players I won't keep for guys I will. In any form you guys do know more than I, so I'll accept the loss. If Nurkic goes out and produces a step up next year I'll have no issues with the deal, so lets hope for that. Thanks for the time guys.
  10. More than fair. 23 Y.O. with the potential he has isn't at least okay for 2 guys who meant very little to me? Lol
  11. Now I'm pretty confident I overpayed.. But I'm hoping I did okay here in a keeper long term. Gave: Dragic, Kanter Received: Nurkic We start two centers, and I have none to keep. My 5 keepers are now Westbrook, Durant, Leonard, A. Gordon, and Nurkic. My foundation for next year: PG Westbrook SG Leonard G SF Durant PF Gordon F C Nurkic C BE Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO So dispite the heavy price.. In a 14 team 5 keeper (can keep as long as I want) did I make out
  12. This guy is pretty decent eh? I know my favourite trade this year. This guy is ballin out.
  13. Does anybody else have an opinion on what I could deal for Russell? Try Dragic straight up and deal Aldridge for a draft pick if that works?
  14. Yep. As long as I want. I've been trying to deal Aldridge and Dragic for a higher quality keeper (Turner, Mitchell, Beal, and others) with no luck.. Which is why I feel I may have to overpay. And are we talking about the same Gordon? I have Aaron. A 22 year old player of his calibre is pretty good in a keeper I would think.
  15. Hey guys. So I've been looking for a 5th keeper for a while to go along with my core 4, and have had no luck. I've primarily offered a package of Aldridge and Dragic for a large range of people. A guy who I believe is available, is D'Angelo Russell. Now what I don't know is where his value is at. The owner is a borderline playoff team that is probably looking at reinforcements (especially after his insane injury luck..), and has a selection of Curry/Simmonds/Embiid/Porzingis/Cousins/J.Murray to choose from for 5 keepers. Seems like Russell is on the outside. So my question is what
  16. Any non-Batum drop suggestion for Smith Jr..? Assuming I drop Lopez for Vuc. Batum is my only SF.
  17. Hold Collins because of his superior blocking ability and potential growth in minutes. That's a nice deal.
  18. Thanks! I actually was thinking about Lopez for Vuc but had Turner and Millsap hurt so I was trying to wait it out as much as possible. Maybe I'll make that move now since Turner is back. As for dropping Batum, I can't. He's the only SF on my roster.. Could drop him for Barton but they're basically the same player.
  19. After losing Cousins in a redraft, I felt I needed to regain the depth that my team had. Curry became a causality to that.. But I'm hoping my team is more well rounded now. If there is some category I lack, that needs addressing, please tell me. but did I do okay on this deal? Traded: Curry, Kuzma Received: Lillard, Embiid 10 team redraft Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, PTS My Team: PG Lillard SG Oladipo SF Batum PF Griffin C Embiid G Schroder F M. Turner UTIL Holiday UTIL Payton UTIL Millsap (O) BE (x3) P. Gasol, Favors,
  20. Yeah I'm aware, there was a heavy dose of sarcasm in my post. Lol. Thanks though.
  21. True. Instead of selling my guys I'm not keeping for draft picks I'll lose them for nothing instead.
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