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  1. I'd go with Nelson. Should get about 6 targets in a great matchup. Has big game potential. Not a fan of any of the other guys this week.
  2. I made a trade today. I've been in heavy need of a WR, and I got a deal done that I believe improves that situation, but what do you think? Gave: S. Watkins Got: K. Benjamin Yahoo standard. This is my team now: QB Cousins WR Cooper WR Hilton WR Benjamin RB Hyde RB Martin TE Dickson (stream) K Bryant DEF Atlanta (stream) BE Abdullah, Garcon, Agholor, Snead, McKinnon, Morris IR Johnson So was it a good deal for me? Thanks for your help. Leave your links below.
  3. Bump. If I keep LaVine and drop Jabari. Who do you pick up?
  4. Problem is, is that I honestly have no idea what players are good in FA. I don't even know 90% of them so I don't know who to tell you. These are the top whatever based on add percentage increase and percentage owned. M. Morris, Smart, Curry, Iguodala, Bogdanovic, Okafor, Lopez, Holiday, Teodosic, Young. Obviously not the good Curry, Lopez, Holiday.
  5. Keenum has to be the guy here. He's flashed some upside, and Cassel has not played well when given the look.
  6. Gillislee. Jets defense is poor, and I don't see Gillislee being held off the scoreboard in what should be a high scoring game for the Pats offense. Solid floor for carries as well.
  7. So clearly in me drafting Jabari and LaVine I'm not the most aware or knowledgable fantasy basketball player. So that's why I need your help. Lol. Would you drop either of those injured player in a 10 team league with no IR spots? Cats: FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, PTS My team: PG S. Curry SG V. Oladipo SF T. Hardaway Jr PF M. Turner C D. Cousins G J. Holiday F B. Griffin UTIL B. Lopez UTIL P. Gasol UTIL N. Noel BE Z. LaVine, J. Parker, D. Favors FAs: M. Morris (hurt?), Hield, Smart, Iguodala, Bogdanovic, Okafor *Ask if there are other good FAs you think may be available* I'd WHIR, but that's just not fair to you guys. Lol.
  8. First time this year I actually have a surplus of startable options at RB Who do you start? Pick 2. Yahoo standard. I think Martin is a lock for me. Martin @ ARI Hyde @ WAS Abdullah @ NO McKinnon vs GB Thank you. Leave your links below.
  9. Yes it's David. Should have clarified further my bad. Thank you.
  10. I go with Lynch/Crabtree. Safer and have high potential.
  11. I do this for sure. Without Murray I'd still accept. Great job.
  12. Fuller. I cut ties myself with Moncrief last week. Deal with the byes now, and if by some luck Moncrief is still a FA after that time as he is in mine. Re-grab him.
  13. Make that move. Great defense, and I have no interest in trying to figure out that SEA backfield. Even if Lacy emerges as you said I'm not confident he can produce behind that O-line.
  14. Only reason I consider the trade is because I'm sitting 1-3 with horrendous WR production. I'm trying Garcon over Watkins this week.
  15. No harm in trying just Garcon first. Add Rob if needed after that. Good luck.
  16. Alright so I have a few questions to throw at you guys here.. And I appreciate any responses. First, start 1: Martin vs NE Abdullah vs CAR Gore vs SF Second, looking at my team below, would you make this trade? Give: D. Martin, D. Johnson Get: K. Allen, CJ Anderson 10 team Yahoo standard My Team: QB Cousins WR Cooper WR Hilton WR Watkins RB Hyde RB Martin TE Clay K Bryant DEF Bills BE Abdullah, Eifert, Gore, Garcon, Snead, Manning, DJ (IR) And last question.. Is Eifert my most droppable player? I need a K this week. And need to start Manning because of Cousins' bye week. Thanks a lot guys. If you need any help leave your links below. Thanks again
  17. Pass. Ertz has been rock solid this year, and should continue to be so. Fitz is still performing at a high-end level. NO backfield is a little murky week-to-week as mentioned above as well.
  18. Interesting that you'd say the Murray trade for sure. Got a resounding no when I posted asking if I should just do that trade. Was thinking I only do it if I make a deal that leaves me with no RB and excess WR. If I did something in total like Cooper, Martin, and DJ for Diggs, Murray, and Carson, would that improve my team?
  19. Alright. We're over a quarter of the way in and I've having a hard time holding onto this team. My WRs are killing me, and they're suppose to be the good part of my team with DJ hurt.. Would you make this deal? Trade: Martin, D. Johnson Receive: Allen or Diggs, Crowell or Carson I've stated that I think my only chance of winning this league would be making the playoffs and then having DJ return, but at this rate I'm not making the playoffs. I do have the Cooper for DeMarco deal in my back pocket if ever needed.. 10 team Yahoo standard My Team: QB Cousins WR Cooper WR Hilton WR Watkins RB Hyde RB Martin TE Clay K Bryant DEF Vikings BE Abdullah, Eifert, Gore, Garcon, Snead, Rodgers, DJ (IR) What do you think? Would any combination of that deal help my chances of winning? Leave you links below. Thanks.
  20. I personally would have taken that Gronk trade, but it is what it is. Next target has to be Kelce, and I wouldn't settle for a TE any worse for Gurley.
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