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  1. Wentz is your best option for the rest of the season. I'd go with him.
  2. Should I make this trade? Give: Amari Cooper Get: DeMarco Murray Yahoo H2H standard scoring My team: QB Cousins WR Cooper WR Hilton WR Watkins RB Hyde RB Abdullah (Martin when he returns) TE Clay K Bryant DEF BE Eifert, Garcon, Gore, Martin, Snead, J. Rodgers IR Johnson What do you say? Thanks, and leave your links below.
  3. Alright. I'll pursue the CJA trade, but I guess no one would trade Gore for Maclin? If I made the deal I'd only have Snead/Moncrief on my bench for WR, and Martin/Abdullah/Rodgers/Gore for RB. I guess I could drop Rodgers for Golladay if I made the Watkins for CJ deal?
  4. It isn't even certain DJ will return this year. So no way I'd offer a starter for you, I'd go Walker and one of Cupp/Jones/Agolour. If he declines you have to move on.
  5. This is a two part question. I got a trade, and then a start question. First I'll post my team. QB Cousins WR Cooper WR Hilton WR Watkins RB Hyde RB Abdullah TE Eifert K Bryant DEF -stream- BE Martin, Gore, J. Rodgers, Snead, Moncrief, Garcon IR Johnson So with the Johnson loss I have 2 trade possibilities. A: Watkins for CJA B: Watkins and Gore for CJA and Maclin Do you like any of them? If I made B my WR3 would be Maclin/Garcon/Moncrief, whoever has the best matchup, and my RB2 would be Anderson until Martin returns. Or I could keep Watkins and run Rodgers/Gore/Abdullah as my RB2 until Martin returns. Then my who to start question. This is for my RB2 slot assuming I don't make a trade. Rodgers vs CHI Abdullah @ NYG Gore vs ARI Thanks for any help, make sure to leave your links below.
  6. Thanks for all the assistance guys. I offered Watkins + Abdullah for Cook and got a quick reject. I don't feel comfortable offering more.. I may be able to do Watkins for CJA or Watkins/Abdullah for CJA/Maclin? But I might be better off rolling Abdullah/Gore until Martin returns in that situation.
  7. Yep. You need the RB help for sure. You're trading two bench players for a RB1 for you. Yes please.
  8. It's a real tough offer, but after this you'd probably look to trade a WR+RB for a RB of higher value than Cook, which I'm just not sure is worth the time spent. As hard as it is, I think you have to sit here. Not a fan of Dez or Miller myself either.
  9. I do it for sure. Thomas is close to OBJ, and Bell is better than Hunt. Adams is replaceable, especially in PPR.
  10. Take the deal. I'm fine with Crowell as your RB2 and Ingram as your RB3. Take the TE upgrade that is much needed. And yes. Grab Cohen.
  11. Abdullah is the better player, and it is unlikely to be accepted, but I can see the thought process you have behind it. Doesn't hurt to offer it and see what happens.
  12. If you're set at WR I like this deal. Get a stud RB and pair that with whatever receiving core you have and you should improve as a team.
  13. Try CJA for Olsen. I think your team gets better overall.
  14. Hold your guys. I like Gronk but you're giving more value in this deal.
  15. I like this deal. You get the safest TE and a solid RB with more upside than Miller. In pretty high on Martin myself and would follow through with the trade as well.
  16. Winston. I like Oakland to win more, but the game script will work against Carr. TB/CHI should at least be a little closer and that will give Winston more looks.
  17. Nope. Since you have all those WR pieces you can look to trade another for a RB2. No need to trade a first round player.
  18. For sure. Cohen will get a lot of looks in the passing game, as they have no other options, it's PPR, and you have Howard. All those points make me say yes.
  19. So as others, I have lost DJ for an extended amount of time. I have an IR spot, so I don't foresee myself trading him, but clear work needs to be done to make myself a playoff team again. This is my team as of now: 10 team Yahoo standard QB Cousins WR Cooper WR Hilton WR Watkins RB Hyde RB Abdullah TE Eifert K Bryant DEF -stream- BE Martin, Gore, Garcon, Moncrief, Snead IR Johnson I'm trying to waiver Cohen with my new roster spot but we'll see. Obviously my RB are pretty weak now, at least until Martin returns. I have a trade partner for a RB, but I need your help on an offer. He owns Murray, Fournette, Hunt, and Cook (start 2 RB, no flex) and is starting Nelson, Marshall, and M. Bryant at WR. What can I offer for Cook? He said he won't trade Fournette, Hunt's value is very high, and I don't have the right pieces for Murray, but what could fetch me Cook? I was thinking Watkins and Abdullah, but that may be a low-ball. If I did that I could run Cook/Hyde with Garcon as my WR3. That may give me a playoff chance with potential to win if DJ returns. So what do you guys think? I appreciate any help, leave your links below. Thanks.
  20. Go for it. Maybe later in the year you contemplate this depending on the situation, but it's week one and everyone is tied for first. Why throw yourself to the bottom immediately?
  21. Pretty simple concept here so I'm not going to say much. What is the better option ROS; 1: Grab Vikings defense for the whole season. 2: Stream defenses for the year. 10 team league. Other defenses out there to stream would be Jags, Packers, Bengals, Titans, and many worse. Thanks for your help guys. Drop your links below.
  22. If you have plans on keeping the first round pick, OBJ, if not, Julio.
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