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  1. Nope. Mixon's ceiling is too high. Maybe offer Gillislee though.
  2. Nope. The game will be played week 11 now, they won't be changing week 1 scores in week 11.
  3. Unless you want to take a 0 in the QB position week 1, Yes.
  4. Higher volume offense with an injury prone #1 WR. If Allen was to go down you have a great value in Williams as their default #1. I like Doctson, but a couple more things would have to go right for him to fully breakout compared to Williams.
  5. I don't agree that you need a "little luck" to make playoffs. I think you're near guaranteed playoffs following a serious injury issue or poor management. Your WR core is sick. Julio/Thomas/Baldwin and then Tyrell in your flex is solid. RBs are totally fine. Ajayi/Hunt will more than suffice with your WRs. The only issue on this roster is your bench. Overall I think it's pretty weak, but if you stay active on the WW that can hopefully be fixed. Your keepers put you in a position where you would have to suck to screw it up, and you weren't even close to doing that. You should be in the running for the belt.
  6. Usually I promote drinking and drafting, but you got slaughtered in this case. Good news is that since you have a lot of RB depth, you can trade either TyMont or Coleman for a WR upgrade. That would be my course of action.
  7. I wouldn't. I don't have an issue starting Howard and Mixon/Peterson week 1.
  8. Even without Luck, Hilton is still a mid to high end WR2. Start him.
  9. For sure. I got until Thursday at the latest to make a decision with no pressure to make it prior, so if a decision on Zeke is made Monday as speculated, I can get a little more info. Thanks.
  10. Thank you. I apologize for the confusion. I'll be more specific next time.
  11. I'm sorry. I'll take the blame for not being clear enough, my mindset was that I would post my bench and you guys would trust I have starters that are better than the bench players I listed. 10 team standard QB: Cousins WR: Cooper, Hilton, Watkins (start 3) RB: Johnson, Hyde (start 2) TE: Eifert K: Bryant *no flex* Bench: WRs: Snead, Moncrief, Garcon RBs: Gore, Abdullah, Martin, McFadden So no, I do not need to start Gore/Abdullah, as I have DJ and Hyde. And after listening to the McFadden drop argument, it makes sense as I won't start him. I also do think my RB depth is better than my WR depth, and it would split my bench 3:3 RB:WR.
  12. Very valid point. Even if Zeke is suspended he sits on my depth chart behind Abdullah, and Martin when he returns. And if I get lucky with no injuries there are no byes the first 4 weeks anyway so Johnson/Hyde will likely start those 4 regardless. Maybe this is the way to go. Not seeing where any assumptions were made in what you quoted, or anything I said for that matter. But while we're talking, since you can clearly predict the future can you tell me who's winning the superbowl this year so I can place a large bet on it? Thanks. I'm actually not putting too much weight on the suspension. Only thing is affects is he may be a little behind since he didn't start the first 3 weeks but after that to shouldn't be long before he's up to speed. As I just mentioned above in this post there won't be any byes the first 4 weeks either and Garcon is past him on my depth chart so I don't see him starting. After all this I may actually go McFadden.. I'll still see if I can pull a 2 for 1 off before Thursday but that may be the best route.
  13. Yes, I have Cooper/Hilton/Watkins as well, but they will start for me week one. Standard scoring, which I should have mentioned so I'll take that as a Snead vote from you. Appreciate it.
  14. Thanks for the important contribution to the thread. I'll take volume in a Shanahan offense over potential.
  15. This issue I have has dragged on too long.. I had my solution, of dropping John Brown for a defense, and then someone dropped Garcon so I made that swap. Now I'm stuck on who to drop. My bench: WRs: Snead, Moncrief, Garcon RBs: Gore, Abdullah, Martin, McFadden I have no defense for week 1 and need to drop one of the above for one. What do you do?
  16. Yes. Allen has sky high potential, and you're trading depth players for him.
  17. Solid team. I wouldn't have drafted any TEs, and just added to your WR core. Week 1 start your 4 WRs, then McCaffrey, McFadden, and Abdullah.
  18. Howard. Slots in as your 3rd keeper nicely, and is still very good this year.
  19. Keep Cooper. I think he's in for a big year, and the drop from him to Watkins is more than Cam to Rodgers.
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