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  1. where is everyone taking this guy? was just given #10 spot in one of leagues today.. 10team h2h 6x6 league. do i really pass on Lindor in this spot? any opinions appreciated
  2. another dominant start... 8IP 3H 0R 7K.. hoo hum
  3. sorry to continue to post this but... it has to be done. https://sports.yahoo.com/fantasy-baseball-draft-prep-overrated-hitters-not-worth-price-tag-233851855.html
  4. any word if the yankee met game is still on?
  5. good idea!.. in Sam Darnold we trust haha .. but yeah major disappointment with garret this year
  6. any nomar mazara updates? i seen him limping hard took him out
  7. pirates bullpen thanks alot.. first 17 pitches 15 were balls. awful
  8. its like pulling teeth watching him pitch.. long innings everytime .. 25-30 pitch innings.
  9. luke weaver. just pulled 5.1innings 9hits 4er vs padres.. are people done with him? im about ready to drop
  10. did anyone see meadows drop the ball and it went over the fence for a "homerun".. isnt it an error tho? shouldnt those runs be unearned? im confused
  11. Keep em coming! Guy is on fire.. loving it
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