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  1. If this means he's betting on himself, I hope it's reflected on in his play. I could use a motivated Dipo.
  2. Strong line tonight but I'm not sold on the fit offensively with KAT. This guy just clogs up the lane. Love the fit on defense but if he can start shooting some corner threes, it would really help his value in fantasy and irl. Let's see what happens.
  3. Wolves defense looks better. Offense still looks discombobulated. KAT needs more space.
  4. Likely going to cut bait after this game unless something changes. He doesn't look great out there.
  5. This is pure speculation. Unless you have a source, we still don't know when the Spurs players will be returning - there's a chance they could return early next week too - and we also don't know the effects of COVID on their play. It might result in him playing poorly or it might not. We don't know.
  6. Well this is disappointing. Holding for the week to see what he can do.
  7. I really hope he continues to get better as the season progresses. He still has this annoying tendency to be really passive at times. He needs to be more aggressive looking for his shot. Great stuff tonight though. Hoping for more of this going forward!
  8. I made the switch. But I'm not thrilled about it. I don't anticipate Looney being the starting pivot ROS and I like Wiseman. They have had some success with the small ball lineups though and Wiseman's mins were trending down prior to the injury. Dubs are trying to balance pushing for the playoffs and developing Wiseman. And it's pretty clear that he doesn't help in the winning department at the moment. This could mean that, when he's playing well, he gets extended mins and, when he's playing poorly, he'll get yanked. I could see a scenario where Looney gets 15-20 a night, Draymond plays
  9. What do you guys think of this guy ROS? Seriously considering dropping him for Robert Williams.
  10. This guy is next level springy. What a performance.
  11. I traded him for Oubre earlier on in the season thinking there was no way he'd shoot that well and no way Oubre was going to shoot as poorly as he was. I got half of it right - Oubre's been better. But Terry has been unbelievable. Low-key wish I'd held out for a better trade.
  12. I have no sweet clue. My guess is as good as yours.
  13. Rumour is it's 3 staffers and Quinndary Weatherspoon who have it
  14. There's tanking. And then there's terrible. Saunders is the latter. 5 straight high pick and rolls with bum a** Rubio when they should have been going to KAT in the post. The fact that this Wolves team isn't good enough to win doesn't mean they should be playing horrible basketball. OKC, for example, are flat out tanking. They still have a system and a coach with an offensive gameplan. This L was purely poor offensive execution and the product of a horrible offensive game plan. And the fact that they owe a top 3 (!!!!!) protected first to the Warriors this year that turns into an unprote
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