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  1. Ya he needs to come thru this week. Playoff szn.
  2. I wouldn't panic tbh. All the starters except for Poku played less than 25. This was a fat 50 point L.
  3. To be honest, I think bradley is for sure the better player at this point. However, I think OKC will continue to feed brown minutes down the stretch to aid his development. A legit 7 footer who can rebound and protect the paint is an extremely valuable commodity.
  4. It's weird. Bubble Butt looks good out there. Just been dropping turds. Moving really well though. I think a good game is around the corner.
  5. This guy gave us a month or so of great production and now he's back to early season Kelly Poobre. Playoffs starting next week. What's everyone doing with him?
  6. They need to give him some booboo-begone and lift these restrictions. Some milk might help too
  7. Rolo kinda wild bro. Probably hands out his nudes in the lockerroom. Only way to take him out the rotation is to have a mascot hold him hostage.
  8. He has scott brooks' nudes. Only logical explanation.
  9. No sweet clue honestly. He looked really good while he was out there. Not sure how much we should be reading into a blowout.
  10. Moses Brown can part my red sea any day he wants 😍
  11. Such a fun player to own when he played this season. Hoping he ends up in a better situation next year.
  12. The rust was expected. His conditioning looks miles better than earlier in the season.
  13. I have no idea what he is. I doubt anyone does. He didn't play much overseas and hasn't played much in the NBA. Complete mystery box. In the limited playing time, he's been a highlight reel but his shot seems to be questionable. Good mechanics tho so maybe more reps would help. Kinda gives me rookie Zach Lavine vibes. I would love to see him start at guard. Just think he'd be a lot of fun to watch.
  14. Figured I'd start a thread for this guy. Looking at a decent opportunity in Orlando. Ridiculously explosive player. Someone to keep an eye out for at this point. I hope he becomes an add - his highlight reel thus far is fun.
  15. When I die, I want Derrick White to lower me into my grave. Just so that he can let me down one last time 😭
  16. http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yemc2dz3 who says no?
  17. i need this man traded by the deadline.
  18. listed out for tomorrow. just got the update.
  19. Anyone know whether or not he plays tomorrow?
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