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  1. They have his bird rights so they can go over the salary cap. Only issue is if their owner gets scared of getting close to the luxury tax.
  2. No way Washington doesn't match a max offer which Porter would almost certainly get. 3&D wings coming off their rookie deals all get big contracts. In general, players coming off their rookie deals get matched because teams don't want to lose players who will presumably only get better. See the contracts for Crabbe, Tyler Johnson, etc. last year. Teams might let a big go though because there are only so many minutes for bigs in the modern NBA.
  3. When is Adam Silver gonna step in like he did with the Sixers. Forget about fantasy, it's ridiculous to bench your best player who is 27 for a month just to tank.
  4. Don't want to turn this into the PJ tucker thread but he's pretty solid defensive wing. I feel like he's destined to get traded to the Clippers tho. He would be a good fit for a lot of teams. And the frustrating thing with Warren is the total silence on what is actually going on. I still think he's a hold regardless but maybe reconsider in a week if still going on.
  5. Mudiay could have a diminished role eventually and Murray could get some PG minutes although it is a concern. I don't know if he's a lock to get as many minutes as last year.
  6. Myles Turner needs to read some pick up artist books to take his game to the next level.
  7. He might have low fg% but it could be on low enough volume that it won't affect you negatively that much. He played this way in college a lot but we don't know what he'll do in Philly. He might just get the green light to throw up a bunch of bricks cause it's Philly and they'll see no reason for him not to throw up shots.
  8. Most of his games over the next ten days or so are on days with a lot of other teams playing. So you may just be able to bench him without it hurting too much if he's out for an extended period.
  9. I hope him getting st3cks so far this year isn't a fluke.
  10. They already changed the rotation after the first game to favor Dragan Bender over PJ Tucker. In addition, Tucker is a prime trade candidate for a team that needs a wing. I'm thinking specifically of the Clippers but I'm sure there are others.
  11. Another factor to consider long-term is whether Ameer Abdullah returns in time for fantasy playoffs. Lions and Caldwell are deliberately opaque about injuries too so it is impossible to decipher.
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