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  1. Thank you for your replies, unfortunately these do not match what I am looking for.
  2. Hi all, Am looking for a keeper league to join. Am OK with taking over a rebuild, though I'd prefer a more established team. I am a very active owner and I expect the same from other players. Don't want to wait days on response to trade proposals, etc. Also important that the league settings are set and fixed as I recently left a league (and a fantastic team) due to sudden changes in the setup. Roto 4-7 keepers (roughly) Prefer no time restriction on keepers +/- 25 man roster ESPN Please send me a PM or an email at nicolaipc@hotmail.com if
  3. Still haven't found a suitable league. 10-14 teams, prefer 12. 5X5 or 6X6, prefer Roto 4-7 keepers, prefer no time-limit on keepers Prefer ESPN
  4. Am looking for a free to play league, so no thanks.
  5. Thank you for the offer, but am going to pass.
  6. Hi all, Recently left a keeper league as some drastic league changes was imposed. The changes that was imposed was regarding keepers - how many and a limit for how many times a player may be kept. Am looking for an established league, where the setup won't be changed. Furthermore, am looking for a league with: 5X5 or 6X6 scoring 3-7 keepers Free to play (don't need cash before I play competitively) Prefer ESPN platform I am a very active manager and am not shy of taking over a team that requires a rebuild, though having just left the favo
  7. Trade 1 I like, 2 i do not like and you're winning number 3. So well done all in all.
  8. It's three great players you're getting back, but I would probably focus on places of actual need instead and thereby sit tight for now.
  9. Am about to draft in a dynasty league, where I get to keep the drafted player for 7 years before he is going back into the pond. I have narrowed my pick down to any of: Jonathan India, Chris Paddack and Casey Mize. Guys like Chisholm and Pache are also available. 1) Who do you guys see has the highest ceiling? 2) Who would you draft? Thanks.
  10. There has been some turnover of managers, but no one have complained about it. He got a decent team and have won a few times, but had apparently come to the conclusion that things weren't working as he wanted them to. Now he might just lose active managers instead, as it was mentioned above. One of my arguments was that an active manager can turn a 6-keeper team around in what, two seasons, and that a rebuild needs to be just that - a rebuild. He sent it to a vote and it was voted in with a significant majority, unfortunately. Now I need to figure out what I will do. Aga
  11. I would stay put and look for a better 2B option.
  12. Thank you all for the great input. No one, at least publicly, had complained about the league settings, there were according to the LM simply too many bad teams and he believe it scares away new owners. I am considering what I will do going forward, as I completely agree that this is a very drastic change that only helps teams that won't put in the required effort.
  13. We are 12 teams in the league. There are issues, I'll admit that, but with two active years and decent drafts, any team would be back in the game. My keepers this year would be: Trout, Arenado, Machado, G. Sanchez, T. Pham and Blake Snell. And throwing back e.g. Clevinger and A. Chapman, besides obvious guys like Moncada, Ohtani and the likes of them. Arenado I had when I took over the team 4 years ago, Trout was by trade which included Trea Turner and Yelich (before MVP), Machado was trade, Sanchez draft, Pham FA (last season his owner got sick of him and dropped him) and Bl
  14. Hi all, Am in a keeper league, where we shall keep 6 players each year, no restrictions regarding how long or anything like that. You use your first 6 picks on the keepers. After the league has run for 6 years, the LM believe the league is too unbalanced, and are now enforcing a vote on changes to increase the competitive balance. Some of the team-owners have built a great team over the years due to activity level, research, etc. and others have a bad team for various reasons. The changes are a reduction to 4 keepers and you may only keep them 2 times, so that you have t
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