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  1. We have a new opening this year. The team is a true project but every year we see some pretty big turnarounds from a team or two. The team that won the championship last year was 13-25 the previous year (6th out of 7 in his division). This league is setup for teams to rebuild quick if you put in the time. The few highlights of this team.... Dejong ($13), C.Santana ($20), Brantley ($16), J.Pederson ($9), Cano ($5), R.Osuna ($9) Alec Bohm, Gavin Lux, Sixto Sanchez, Ian Anderson in minors. The team will have a lot of auction dollars to spend and has the 3rd overall pick in the minors
  2. There may be one opening. The team is a true rebuild... Auction is this coming Saturday (23rd) at 8:30pm est. Entry fee is $25. If you think you may be interested email me and I'll provide more details. Thanks
  3. Looks like Toronoto is taken, but Cleveland is still available. This is a true rebuild situation for anyone who's up for the challenge. Fortunately for their future owner, this league is setup to allow for a quick rebuilding process. We see it happen about every year. Trading doesnt open up until Feb 1st so the new owner will not be behind as far as that goes. Email me if interested as I do not check this forum throughout the day. robinson81185@yahoo.com
  4. There are actually two openings. Cleveland of the AL division, and Toronto of the AL division. Here are a few of the "highlights" of their rosters...Cleveland: Blackmon ($21), Sano ($11), Muncy ($17), Kemp ($5), Pham ($13), Snell ($9), Flaherty ($9). Toronto: Acuna ($2), Stanton ($31), Gary Sanchez ($7) and buehler ($2), Swanson ($2), Dahl ($7), Schwarber ($11) and B.Rodgers and Tatis in thier minors. They're not super great team's but the way our league is setup you can turn teams around quick. We’ve had a team go from last in their division to in the finals the
  5. Here's some more information about this league... We have a salary cap of $260 going into the auction that gets expanded to $300 after the draft. Players salaries increase $4 each year with exception to minor leaguers. Once your minor leaguers are called up they start at $1 and increase only $1 the first two seasons if they are kept. There’s no limit on keepers provided you have enough money to fill an entire roster on auction day. We do a 10 round (up to) minors draft in the preseason in March. This draft is conducted in March by message board and email. Only players with less tha
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