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  1. looking for a h2h money league to join preferably through espn
  2. Who gets the best of this deal in a H2H 5X5 categories?
  3. Anybody out there have a league that fits this description?
  4. I'm interested in joining your league if you push the drat time up to 6 or 6:30 just because guys take too long in the draft and I have to get up early for work.

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    2. JVIPER88


      The way Leaguesafe sets it up is if a League Manager sets up E-Check AND Credit Card, then Leaguesafe charges a 4% to EVERYONE, even if you still pay with E-Check. 


      If a League Manager sets up E-Check Only (as I do), then there should be no fee, but no one will be able to pay with credit cards.


      I'll tell you what though: if you pay in this league with E-Check and you get charged an extra fee, just show me, and I'll reimburse you the difference at the end of the season when the money gets released. It's no big deal.



    3. kk10420


      thanks for the info I guess the other Lm's don't care.

    4. kk10420


      On the supp. draft order shouldn't it alternate between the 2 of us as to who gets to pick 1st each round, meaning he shouldn't get to pick 1st on every round. If he has the 1st pick then I should pick 1st in round 3. I don't think he should pick 1st every round is what I'm trying to say.

  5. I want a 10-team H2H espn money league to join preferably a keeper league.
  6. Thanks for the info, but I prefer daily as opposed to weekly lineups.
  7. Thanks, but I'm really looking for H2H as well as a snake draft.
  8. I'm looking for an established 10 Team 5x5 H2H money league to join.
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