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  1. Baseball has always been a background noise sport for me. I will watch closely during key points or if the better players are going. A Cole/Kershaw match up will likely command my attention throughout, but a lesser matchup without a big name at the plate and I'm probably farting around doing something else waiting for the next decent hitter to come up (or a player on my fantasy team) before I focus in. The time issue has never been one that bothers me in the context of how I watch. I'm either into it and interested, in which case the strategy of pitching changes is a plus interest wise to
  2. Come on Pax. Lets see a clean first inning for a change.
  3. Thats fair. My take is anecdotal primarily. Just as a long time fantasy owner and having watched him pitch regularly that's my take away. A quick glance thru situational OPS against seems to bear out that he gives up more contact and harder contact once men are on, but I'm not going to spend much more time on it. Once he gives up a walk subsequent hitters routinely fare better against him. That's been a trend since he came up and I don't see any evidence he either recognizes that or has worked to change that.
  4. The ten cent brain comments stem from the fact is susceptible to any type of pressure or high leverage situation exacerbating his mechanical problems. His command fades with base runners because he is unable to hit his spots when he most needs too because he lets his emotions get to him.
  5. If he walks a guy, its almost a given the rest of the inning will be a disaster. Progress this season but still a million dollar arm attached to a ten cent brain.
  6. Castillo, my man. Ya can smoke a turd in hell. Its the Marlins for Chriss sake. Get it together dude.
  7. Tough crowd for a kid thats been one of the best pitchers going in 2019
  8. JFC Castillo. You want to be good or not? Ya dbag.
  9. Lets see if Happ can make it to 60 pitches in 2 innings. I think he's got it in him. Edit: Damn it. Not even close.
  10. Aquino again. WTH is going on? Love it.
  11. 87 pitches for Pax. For better or worse, I expect him out there for the 6th. Come on QS!
  12. Pax just couldnt put anyone away there. 2 strike counts on every hitter with lots of foul balls, weak contact that found a hole, and Santander hitting a really good pitch. Pretty unlucky. The pitch count is the worst part of it.
  13. Smoke a stogie in hell Lorenzen. -Castillo Owner
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