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  1. Gotta have Baz of steel to start him.
  2. Machado is a bum. All he does is fart and fall down.
  3. Not only the absolute wrong sport's thread, but both ended up with good lines for the day. Maybe wait to post rants until you've seen the whole day's work.
  4. While the Yankees try to light the Manoah, it'll be 8 crazy innings for the young budding ace. One wonders if the youngster in the pinstripes has the Gil power to traverse the omnipotent Northern Blue Bird notet. Fans expecting these burgeoning flame throwers to wilt in the hot northeastern twilight might come away wondering whether or not their offensive offense is enough to reach the pinnacle of this great game. Reverse Rebels - 4 , Canadian Avians - 3.
  5. Webb smokes a 104 EV rbi double. Dare I say Ohtani of the NL?
  6. I guess we should set the......bar....low?
  7. 5.2 inning starts are the biggest nut kick in QS leagues. That is all.
  8. Another multi-hit day, and everything he hits is hit hard. Power, speed, gets on base.......wheels could fall off anytime but I am a believer. I think this guy turns out to be an absolute gem. Dynasty players, go grab him now if he isn't already scooped up.
  9. He's a pre-post hype sleeper with the upside to become a post-pre hype sleeper before most drafts next year. My advice is take sure you pick him before someone else does because then you won't have him for when he becomes a post-post hype sleeper. You want this man on that wall, you NEED this man on that wall.
  10. He's absolutely incredible. Congrats to all owners of this guy.
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