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  1. 12 team H2h 9cat give: rozier get: richardson and miles bridges thanks! WHIR
  2. Gary Harris - bounce back season if he’s as healthy as he appears. Top 35 2 seasons ago. Looked good pre season Zach Collins - Balled out during the playoffs last season. Getting major minutes as starting pf and backup center to whiteside. Block potential is cash money Taurean Prince - perfect fit in a spaced out offense. I can see a career year in 3s for sweet prince. Sprinkled in with defensive stocks. Jerami Grant - can play multiple positions, even backup center. I think his defense will edge out milsap as the season progresses. Nobody should trust milsa
  3. I’m so numb to it all at this point. Wether he’s out or balls out... I don’t care anymore... lol
  4. Agreed. Bogdan got the better PO schedule but Isaac is rounding out into the player we’d hope. But id go with bogdan if you had to.
  5. Turner best player in the trade. Stay put. Blocks are the hardest Cato come by. Only trade if you’re punting blks
  6. 16 team 9 cat H2H. I’m still first place and should make playoffs. I’m getting gobert in the trade. Thanks. WHIR
  7. Even in limited mins he was producing. Jonas isn’t gonna straight up win you the chip but he’s surely better than the end of your bench guy. I’ll take 12/7 on good percentages any day. Dropped Payton for him in a 12teamer just now.
  8. Give up Murray (not gordon) get ariza with dipo and harden.
  9. Tobias for Lowry is pretty close in value. If you you really want Lowry then just add Fournier. That should be more than enough.
  10. If the capela side unloading to make a playoff push I think it’s fair enough. capela side wins but not by a lot with all the injured players involved.
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