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  1. Wait and see till the next game, they got Vonleh too.
  2. Didn't have the "balls" to draft Lamelo at his ADP this year - truly envy you owners. The kid is already way better than Lonzo and looks like a superstar in the making. As for his rookie production dare I say - is this the best rookie fantasy season ever since KAT/Dame?
  3. Decent for his first game back. Expecting big things from this stud moving forward. Let's go.
  4. What a way to come back! This dude is a MACHINE! He has been doing this since last year. At only 6"1, it is mind blowing that he can score on this volume with this kind of efficiency. A scrappy defensive PG pegged out of college, he has since morphed into an All-NBA scorer at the SG spot. The perfect punt AST PG.
  5. Anybody else picking him up? Can be a sneaky pickup.
  6. How does White coming back affect his situation?
  7. What about Patrick Williams now? That is 3 straight gems already.
  8. Patrick Williams looks good my man @perkinsfor3. I have Aaron Nesmith in my roster too, will Williams perform better than him? BOS still have no preseason games yet and I love Nesmith's game, need his 3s. Williams on the other hand only has an oft injured in front of him, thoughts?
  9. Dort will be drafted in 14 team leagues easily. Even in 12s as a high upside pick who will get a lot of minutes.
  10. Scooped. Dort and Bazley didn't play though, dropped Chuma for him. I think Maledon has a clearer path to playing time still than Okeke at this point. Might just be a one game sample, but Maledon might outperform the more hyped but similar prospect Killian Hayes. Poku looked good too.
  11. All aboard! 18 team H2H league - was able to grab him at pick 50 (picked 14th in a snake) which I understand will draw a lot of flak here 😁 Was looking for a scorer with high %s at that point in the draft (by then the 3rd round) and McCollum, Middleton, Hayward, DLo were already taken. I was considering Jaylen Brown here but his FT% put me off. For better or for worse, all aboard this hype train this year haha. Let's go! Please Malone, give this guy 30mpg. Hopefully MPJ goes into the season with a defense first mindset which should be his calling card to stay on the floor. If Barton
  12. I don't play fantasy baseball and football, how is it in general so far? From the looks of it, the pandemic has not been disruptive I presume?
  13. No bubble format for this upcoming season and teams are playing in their home arenas. This will lead to increased exposure with the absence of a bubble. The NFL already postponed a Thanksgiving game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, the latter of which had an outbreak. College football is experiencing this too. The Warriors already had 2 players test positive. I am surprised that there is no thread for this yet. For fantasy purposes, how will this play out? If a players test positive, that's 14 days automatic quarantine which is an easy 8 games missed. More importantly, I fea
  14. Booker is a no brainer if you are picking in the 10 to 15 range as he is flanked by load management guys. Wonderful pillar to build your team around, those %s come on a high volume and will be a very big boost to your team.
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