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  1. He'll be added alongside heriberto hernandez in 2023
  2. He's only started 1 game at 2b. Yahoo needs 5 starts or 10 appearances for eligibility. So 5 more appearances, 4 more starts to get 2b. Also 7 appearances or 3 starts for LF if your league has separate OF eligibility.
  3. I saw a Charlie Blackmon comp somewhere, and while that's clearly 99th percentile outcome it is encouraging. Maybe he is what everyone thought Benintendi would be.
  4. Throwing at players because they/their team showed you up is one of the worst, most ridiculous unwritten rules and needs to go. All the Rangers had to do was walk Tatis and no discussion on the matter... All the Rangers had to do was throw a better pitch and no discussion on the matter... All the Rangers had to do was not be losing the game and no discussion on the matter... All the Rangers had to do was not allow stupid unwritten rules get under their skin and no discussion on the matter... You can even see Woodward say (even with a mask on) alright i'm throwing at yo
  5. @posty we still need your answer to this question
  6. I won't dispute they always find an older middle of the road prospect that out produces expectations in the bigs, but who was their last big prospect to actually turn out good? Outside of Flaherty, a pitcher, we're looking at Piscotty, Wong, Adams? Yeah they find older guys that make changes, but i'm not so sure they develop top talent. Hope I'm wrong because I do have shares of Carlson.
  7. Imagine giving up 45 points to meet "close to the middle" while your opponent gives up 12 and people get mad at you for not giving up 5 more.
  8. whining about other people whining One side started at 115, the other at 48 and you're mad that one side now wants 70 and the other 60. I'd say the players have given enough.
  9. If you're in a high dollar league i think it would benefit you to read up on the coors hangover effect. If you want to believe in nobody being better away from coors because it's the best hitters park I'll let you believe what you want to.
  10. And that's a fine approach to take on an individual level. However he's painting the picture of people expecting a 2020 season as seeing unicorns and rainbows and his own view as realism and not negativity. In reality people are working on having a 2020 season. In reality players and owners want to make money on the 2020 season. It's fine not to believe it will happen and be pleasantly surprised when it does, but don't paint that as reality.
  11. If you think a pragmatic, feet on the ground, non dream-colored world is no baseball until 2021 I'd truly hate to see what your negative thoughts are. You are hiding your negativity behind the term realism. Realistically everyone in the baseball world is trying to get some sort of season out of 2020, but you refuse to see it.
  12. Ignore him in drafts then and let your leaguemates get the value
  13. Dickerson and lemahieu maintained their averages after leaving coors. The peaks and valleys just get closer to their average when leaving Coors. I could be forgetting someone but those are the last 2 to leave coors and still be good/near their career averages. If you can provide players that weren't I'll reevaluate my position.
  14. I see an easy 20/20 player that hits .270-280. What are you seeing?
  15. Check the stats of recent goods hitters that leave coors (lemahieu/Dickerson/holiday etc). They all end up with numbers closer to their averages rather than the huge splits coors generates.
  16. Good hitters typically do just fine leaving coors. They lose the advantage of hitting in coors, but don't have the away game hangover. I'd view that as a potential draft day value gain
  17. The research is out there if you want to look. Look at recent players like lemahieu, Dickerson, holiday etc that have left the rockies and had numbers similar to their career home+road colorado numbers. The difference is their home/road splits come closer to the median rather than being such outliers.
  18. You still have constantly posting negative thoughts to get you by. Everyone else will enjoy whatever season the system graces us with.
  19. I trust him anywhere not named Coors
  20. Rendon is also a FA after this year, but it looks like Kieboom has only played 1 game at 3B.
  21. Must be nice having a top 40 player (with my league's settings anyways) as your most disappointing.
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