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  1. I'm not sure Nurkic is a sell high. He'll finish in the top 50, and I'm not sure you can sell much higher than that.
  2. Mitchell is tricky because he was overdrafted. His efficiency should improve, but not by much. If you want to buy him treat him as a 3rd round pick (which he should've been).
  3. This thread is ridiculous. A player who's had 2 average games is not a buy low candidate. You'll just insult the owner if you offer trash after 2 average games. A player who's about come back from injury isn't a buy low candidate either - their owner stashed them for weeks, and now that he's about to play you want to buy for peanuts? No chance. True buy low players are guys like Otto Porter, who has been consistently trash but is capable of playing a lot better.
  4. I tried to buy Gallo for a reasonable price. The owner wanted PG13.
  5. You got a steal. He'd be a steal even at 100, but I thought he'd last another round.
  6. He was picked with the 110th pick in my league. I was targeting him with the 111th pick. I should've picked him earlier.
  7. More like, he had great 22 minutes. I get why people added him in 16 teamers, but there was a guy who actually said he's better than Kanter. Based on 22 minutes in a blowout loss.
  8. Why are people dropping him after he got a career high in both assists and steals?
  9. He is O'Quinn's backup. Nothing to see here.
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