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  1. I feel like Conner isnt the most talented RB and others probably share that sentiment. He's a solid RB that needs certain elements to succeed. Either way I dont have much interest in owning a RB tied to Kliff Kingsbury.
  2. I wish Flaherty would get an ugly QS.
  3. He did face LA without Betts and Bellinger.
  4. Yuck, I wouldnt mind him as my 5th or 6th RB, but even then I rather have someone with more upside.
  5. "Going heavy on running backs in the early rounds of a draft is the best way to construct a fragile fantasy lineup. Any backfield turmoil and you have nothing on which to fall back. You have no top receivers, you likely don't have a top tight end, and you certainly don't have the late-round running backs who benefit from the ensuing chaos. At best, your lineup is resilient, remaining the same. At worst, it collapses amid the randomness that we know is coming." There is so much wrong with this paragraph I dont know where to begin. I always thought ZeroRB was kind of dumb especially i
  6. He came in at 11-0. Not sure I would read much into that.
  7. 2 run bomb for Yoan. About time.
  8. He was around the 30-35 range for pitcher ADP, and especially with his hype I wouldnt call him a post sleeper guy.
  9. I agree but you dont want to be the guy who holds for too long and misses out on some post hype sleeper or boring vet who puts up an ace season. The A's are a hot mess right now but I know things will get better.
  10. He hasnt been dropped in any of my leagues but I can see it after a couple more bad starts.
  11. Odor was more useful after his breakout season.
  12. Man he's been wild so far this season. Love his stuff but I dont get the feeling this wont be his breakout season. If he cant a clean start vs a terrible Arizona lineup, than it might be tough holding onto him.
  13. Newman was actually good in 2019. Still waiting for Rojas to actually be an average hitter but you know small sample size...
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