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  1. Declining numbers the past 3 years and coming off a major injury. Easy pass for me in the 8-10 round range.
  2. He's never come close to matching some of his best Miami seasons despite getting a park and lineup upgrade. His 2018 numbers are nothing special when you get can those numbers from the Rosario/Soler/Castellenos/Mancini types who have a breakout season every year.
  3. There is still a lot of upside with a healthy Judge. The same cant be said about Stanton.
  4. Well that would be his first 1000 yard season and given how Rodgers has had trouble recently supporting more than 2 fantasy players I doubt that would happen. His career high in catches is 78 which is quite poor for a slot WR. Being on a bad offense is more beneficial for your Jamison Crowder/Brian Hartline/Rishard Matthews types of the world because they wouldnt see the same opportunity on an elite offense. Much better to be the #1 or #2 option on a bad team than to be the #3 and #4
  5. If anything being stuck in a Adam Gase offense was the best thing for a guy like Crowder. If there is one thing Adam Gase does "well" is run his offense through his slot WR. I would have no interest in Crowder on a team like GB or Tampa etc. He needs to be on a bad team that will pepper him with targets.
  6. Well you know they'll never give it to a defensive player.
  7. Wont be the narrative if Bucs win though. It will be all about Brady.
  8. Could be the next Steve Slaton or Arian Foster.
  9. They eventually did give JT the workhorse role down the stretch. Scott kind of caps his upside because he's pretty good. Sanders is a very good RB2. Very similar to Mixon in that I dont think we will see the major upside that we know he's capable of.
  10. He was still good with Hill. Of course not targeting Kamara will definitely help that. The one issue is that he didnt score a TD with Hill and I dont see him being a big TD guy if he is the starter next season.
  11. I think Stafford leaving might be okay if Swift becomes the centerpiece of the offense but the Lynn hiring is not good...
  12. I dont see why his targets wont increase especially with more vacated targets, one of them being the #2 WR. I mean I dont expect 150 but 125-135 is pretty reasonable. Is 20-25 less targets make taking AJ over MT indefensible?
  13. Best case is 115 targets? He had 106 in 14 games despite not being close to 100% healthy. Not to mention there could be vacated targets from Corey Davis and/or Jonnu Smith leaving in free agency.
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