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  1. I'm not high on him, but he will be drafted in redraft. To me, he's just a late round flier WR 4-5 and less valuable in PPR. The one big plus for him is that if Allen does get injured I think he'd be the clear top wideout in a solid offense, and with a good QB. Rivers likes who he likes, and he avoids people he isn't comfortable with. A stellar preseason would change my mind, but without an injury to Allen I really can't see him hitting 1,000 yds or 8+ tds.
  2. Or he saw something he didn't like when they dismantled the Titans. Also could have been some reassurance from the FO, if Luck can't go our expectations will be lower and you can have input on the replacement..
  3. Well there are plenty of coaches regardless of age not cutting it, so yes teams and fans are seeing the turnaround from the all mighty Fisher and saying wow, a new scheme, etc. can really change our outlook. Fox, Fisher, Hue, Mularkey, Coughlin, should not be HCs in the nfl right now. The most interesting thing to me is that GMs seem to be much more stable despite some horrendous decisions but they generally don't get the same heat. I really hope Tennessee lands McDaniels, maybe he sucks and flames out again, but I think him with a solid D coordinator should make the
  4. They should have just interviewed McDaniels and Patricia on the spot. Honestly I think they'll stick with him though.
  5. I agree, it's hard to stay a fan when you can't watch the games. Honestly the NFL has an even bigger quality of play problem though, and way too much drama. There are a ton of aging players on the decline (Dez, D. Thomas, even Julio, the good Manning is gone, Brees, Roethlisberger, Rivers). RBBC makes the teams RBs less of a star player that fans gravitate towards (very few LT, Charles, Mojo, Rice, Peterson, Forte). Now you have Howard in Chi but Tarik also, so neither is a star but they both fill a specific role. Last, injuries to start players, and complete incompetence of CSs/
  6. Yes, exactly. Who cares about one time slot and one measly data point subject to tons off random error. Take the whole season, the NFL has been declining for several years now, and as others said the on field product just isn't very good right now.
  7. HE isn't making them money though... nfl attendance and ratings are declining, he makes an absolute mess of every nfl decision. Relocating the chargers, the kneeling stuff, player suspensions, keeping players out of the NFL for weed while states are legalizing it. Anyone could do this job just as well.
  8. Yup. Frankly, I don't think anyone in that position is deserving of say more money than a star player in the league. I really don't understand why owners are wanting to reup his contract at all. He makes a total mess out of almost every possible disciplinary event.
  9. Right. . . . just like last year when is was the exact same story, he was targeted 151 times for a whopping 954 yards and 4 tds, but you still kinda wanted to start him in those juicy matchups because of volume?
  10. Any love for this guy? Dropped in my 12 teamer, I'm putting in a claim for him but I'm surprised by the complete lack of discussion on him.
  11. Seahawks just lost that trade pretty bad. . . 32 yr old left tackle unhappy with his contract for a 2nd, 5th, and a depth CB.. . Maybe it pays off with a ring but I think it's a pretty short sighted move
  12. This is how I see it too. I don't see a path to more than 3-5 targets. Hurns isn't playing bad and Lee is a reliable presence. Unless Westbrook pulls a fuller and scores on half his receptions I don't see him having a significant role in the offense. Also, Davis is a top 5 pick, the coaching staff is going to be very motivated to show that they were right.
  13. Step aside. 1. DJ. 2. Cooper (who until last week.. .yikes), 3. Rodgers, 5. Bryant. . . Literally one of the worst possible drafts this year.
  14. Haha Ah, I love the consensus. Thank you all for the input. I'm tore on this one.
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